How to Manage Your Time

The following tips can help you manage your time:

  • Keep a calendar
    • Identify your most productive times of day; plan the most academically challenging tasks for these times.
    • Enter all activities, from school responsibilities to recreation into your calendar. Stick to your calendar.
    • Avoid merely entering "study time" on your calendar. Be specific: list goals for each hour, such as the casebook pages you plan to read or problems you plan to complete.
    • Plan study breaks to reward yourself for study goal completion.
    • Weekly, if not daily, review your study plan and modify it in light of your accomplishments.
  • Develop self-discipline in your personal life and seek ways to let that discipline extend into your professional life.
  • Work with a partner/mentor who will hold you accountable for the items entered on your schedule, especially for the first few weeks after you begin your schedule.