Conferences and Events

Conferences and Events

National Conference for Law and Higher Education

Future conference dates:


  • February 18-21, 2012
  • February 16-19, 2013
  • February 15-18, 2014

Past conference information:

Stetson-NASPA Conferences and Workshops

  • 2008 Student Affairs Law and Policy Conference, Dec. 7-9, 2008 (Las Vegas)
  • Second Annual Conference on Student Affairs Law and Policy, December 2-4, 2007
  • Webinar: "The Impact of Criminal Law on Student Affairs Professionals: Insights into Investigations and Indictments," September 18, 2007
  • First Annual Conference on Student Affairs Law and Policy, December 2006

Stetson-NACA Webinars

  • Risk Management 101
  • Alcohol and Its Impact on Campus Risk Management
  • Risk Management and Inflatables

Stetson Programs for Associate Law Deans

“Managing Law Schools in a Complex Legal Environment: Fundamentals of Risk Management and Legal Compliance”

June 15-16, 2007, Tampa Law Center
Presented by the Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy at Stetson University

A two-day workshop designed for law school deans, associate deans, deans of students, and other senior administrators responsible for risk-management and legal compliance issues.

Conference Materials CD-ROM available for purchase
Contact Mark St. Louis at 727-562-7392 or [email protected] to order your CD of the conference materials today.


  • Overview of Risk Management and Collaborative Risk Management Teams
  • Risks and the Admissions Process
  • Managing Risks Associated with Study and Travel Abroad
  • Student Organizations and Activities
  • Cyberspace Issues
  • The Regulatory Alphabet: ADA, Clery, FERPA, etc.
  • Millennials in Law School: Alcohol, Drug Use, and Other Challenges (Peter)
  • Risks Associated with Off-Campus Academic Programs
  • Revised to include an extended session on campus safety and security


  • Peter Lake, Charles Dana Chair and Director, Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy at Stetson University College of Law
  • Darby Dickerson, Vice President and Dean, Stetson University College of Law
  • Sheila Trice Bell, Bell + Trice Enterprises and former Executive Director of the National Association for College and University Attorneys
  • Bill Adams, Associate Dean, International, Online and Graduate Programs & Professor of Law, Nova Southeastern University
  • Tim Kaye, Professor of Law, Stetson University College of Law and former Professor of Law, University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)
  • Deborah C. Brown, Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Legal Affairs, Stetson University College of Law
  • Patrick M. Whitehead, University Counsel, Palm Beach Atlantic University
  • Michael Farley, Assistant Dean of Student Life, Stetson University College of Law
  • Dan Barto, Director of Security, Risk Management, and Safety Operations Staff, St. Petersburg College
  • Paul Lund, Professor, Appalachian School of Law and Charleston School of Law

Other Programs

  • URMIA Regional Conference, May 8-9, 2007 - Tampa Law Center

Higher Education Regulatory and Litigation Trends:
Investigated, Audited, Fined and Sued!

Colleges are scrambling to comply with evolving regulatory standards, including changes to the way the Clery Act, Title IX, and other laws are implemented. Many institutions are struggling to deal with the burdens of investigations, compliance costs, expensive audits and the threat of losing federal funding. At the same time, colleges also face a rise in lawsuits by students, employees and others that challenge practically every action, or inaction, from conviction and expulsion for sexual assault, to consumer fraud in reporting post-graduation employment rates. This webinar will discuss the rising regulatory burden and the increase in costly litigation against colleges by examining recent court cases and regulatory changes such as the “Dear Colleague” letters from the Department of Education.

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011
12:00 pm EST