2007 - National Conference on Law and Higher Education Archive


Pre Conference I: The Continuing Problem of Hazing: Balancing the Rights and Responsibilities of Students and the University
Madden & Elizabeth J. Allan, National Study on Hazing: Examining and Transforming Campus Cultures (A Website Reference)
Melinda Grier & Brent Paterson, The Continuing Problem of Hazing: Balancing the Rights and Responsibilities of Students and the University
•  Brent Paterson, Guidelines for Conducting Hazing Investigations (PPT)
•  James Lincoln, Hazing
•  James Lincoln, Hazing, Appendix 1: Task Force Updates, Coalition for a Responsible Community, DePauw University 
•  James Lincoln, Hazing, Appendix 2: DePauw Community Covenant, DePauw University 
•  James Lincoln, Hazing, Appendix 3: New Member Education Guidelines, DePauw University 
•  James Lincoln, Hazing, Appendix 4: Positive Pledge Education Assessment, DePauw University 
•  James Lincoln, Hazing, Appendix 5: Report on Anti-Hazing Policy, Practice and Research, DePauw University 
Pre-Conference II: Re-Defining Our Approach to Sexual Assault
Linda Langford, A Public Health Approach to Sexual Violence (PPT)
•  Preventing Violence and Promoting Safety in Higher Education Settings, Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention 
•  Campus Sexual Assault Resource List, Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention 
•  David Lisak, Understanding the Predatory Nature of Sexual Violence 
•  Dolores Stafford, Re-Defining our Approach to Sexual Assault- A Police Perspective 

Main Conference

Main Conference Materials
Peter Ruger, Effective and Efficient Use of Counsel: Preventing Issues and Controlling Costs
•  Melissa Hart, Disparate Impact Discrimination: The Limits of Litigation, the Possibilities for Internal Compliance 
•  Barbara Lee & Judith Malone, Accommodating Faculty with Disabilities: Legal and Policy Issues 
•  Steven McDonald, University Legal Responsibility in the "Facebook/Myspace" Era 
•  Linda Langford, A Scientific Approach to Student Problem Prevention: Applications to Facebook (PPT)
•  Linda Langford, Resources: Facebook and Social Networking Communities (SNCs)
•  Stalking, Cyberstalking, Obscene Calls & Threatening Emails, Paperclip Communications 
•  Carla Torrielli, Brandies University, Putting Your Best Face Forward: Tips for Being Web-savvy and Web-safe 
•  Environmental Management: An Approach to Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention, Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention 
•  Sean Burke, Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway v. White: Was a New Standard Needed? 
•  Oren Griffin, Protecting Employees from Retaliation
•  Jonathan Alger, Law and Free Expression: Intersectional Issues and the Balancing of Rights and Responsibilities 
•  Mark Rahdert, The Long Shadow of Joseph McCarthy: Academic Freedom and Campus Hate Speech During the War on Terrorism 
•  William Kaplin. (K-12), Equity, Accountability, and Governance: Three Pressing Mutual Concerns of Higher Education and Elementary/Secondary Education 
•  Hart McKiernan, Dewayne Matthews, & Paul Lowell Haines, Restoring Higher Education in the 21st Century: Returning the Focus to the Public Good, Holiday 
•  Laura Rothstein, Millennials and Disability Law: Revisiting Southeastern Community College v. Davis, Emerging Issues for Students with Disabilities 
•  Fred Cate, The Privacy and Security Vacuum in Higher Education 
•  Barbara Lee & Ann Springer, The University's Stake in Educational Freedom and Faculty Rights 
•  Steven McDonald, Intellectual Property Update 
•  Know Your Copy Rights: Using Works in Your Teaching- What You Can Do, Association of Research Libraries
•  Tim Kaye & Robert Bickel, Confronting the Perception of Higher Education as a Commodity and the Student as Customer or Product: (Does the law safeguard the college or university's proper academic relationship with its students, and the comparative obligations of the university and the student regarding the student's education?) 
•  Gwen Dungy, Institutional Accountability for Student Success 
•  Margaret Catillaz, Neither Safer Nor More Secure: Unintended Consequences of Immigration Reform 
•  Margaret Catillaz & Laura Taylor, Federal Immigration Law Compliance and Best Practices (PPT)
•  Laura Taylor, Beyond Rhetoric: Life on the Ground for International Educators, Students and Scholars 
•  Hart McKiernan & Peter Ruger, The Responsibility and Accountability of Governing Boards and Presidents: Recent Developments 
•  William Hoye. (Tort Law), How Tort Law Operates in Recreation, Sports & Field Trip Environments 
•  Jon Heshka. (Tort Law) , Volenti in Higher Adventure Education 
•  Peter Kushibab & John Marshall. (Security), The Growing Role of Campus Security 
•  Peter Kushibab, The Growing Role of Campus Security (PPT)
•  Dolores Stafford & Steve Rittereiser, Community Policing, Crime Prevention and Comprehensive Training Programs: Key Ingredients to Reducing Risk in Campus Public Safety