1997 - National Conference on Law and Higher Education Archive

Volume I

Student Affairs Materials
Robert D. Bickel. (Sexual Harassment), Institutional Liability for Student Peer Harassment: The Continuing Tensions Between the Title IX Standard and the VII Workplace Standard, (Is the University More Responsible to Employees Than to Students Under the Law of Peer Sexual Harassment?)
•  Elsa Kircher Cole and Thomas P. Hustoles. (Sexual Harassment), New Office of Civil Rights Guidance on Student-to-Student Sexual Harassment and How to Investigate a Sexual Harassment Claim
•  Adrienne Fechter. (Harassment), Peer Harassment in the University Setting 
•  Margaret J. Barr. (Sexual Harassment), Peer Sexual Harassment: One View From a Vice President for Student Affairs 
•  Barbara A. Lee and Peter H. Ruger. (Recent Case Law), Overview of Recently Decided Cases Affecting Student Affairs and Academic Administration 
Wendy S. White. (Litigaton), How to Effectively Manage College or University Legal Affairs: A Protocol for Avoiding Litigation, Effectively Managing Unavoidable Litigation, Maintaining Ethical Standards in the Litigation Context 
•  Sandra McMullan. (Study Abroad), Institutional Liability for Overseas Study Programs 
•  Gary Rhodes. (Study Abroad), Institutional Vulnerability to Liability for Student Injury and Death During Study Abroad: Legal Audit: A Tool to Review Current Policies and Procedures 
•  Mary Elizabeth Kurz and Lawrence White. (Affirmative Action), From Philosophical and Political Debate to Reality: How to Ensure Equal Opportunity in Admissions and Employment Decisions Following Court Decisions Rejecting Traditional Approaches to Affirmative Action 
•  John M. Parisi and Lisa M. Huson, The Direct and Cross-Examination of Opposing Experts in an Alcohol-Related Personal Injury Residence Hall Case 
•  Donald D. Gehring. (Students), Advice From an Expert Witness in Student Affairs 
•  William A. Kaplin and Gary M. Pavela. (Policy), Law and Policy 1997: Religion on Campus 
•  Roger W. Sorochty. (Hiring), Avoiding Improper Candidate Search Strategies 

Volume II

Student Affairs Materials
Michael A. Olivas. (Faculty-Student Relations), Fear and Loathing in the Classroom: Faculty and Student Rights in Comparative Context
•  Sheldon Elliott Steinbach. (Tax), Federal Income Tax Restructuring Proposals: The Potential Impact on Colleges and Universities 
•  Thomas J. Flygare. (FMLA), Reconciling University Leave Policies with the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 
•  Karen Evans. (Mediation), Mediation in a University Setting 
•  Thomas Dickson. (Mediation), Mediation of Employment Disputes: A Plaintiff's Perspective 
•  Mark A. Hanley. (Mediation), Mediation of the Mock Problem Scenario from a Defense Attorney's Perspective 
•  Robert D. Bickel. (Tort), A Survey of Selected Recent Tort Law Decisions of Frequently Encountered Liability Issues Involving Colleges and Universities 
•  Jeffrey I. Chasen. (Tort), Tort Liability Alert: Lessons Learned from Losses 
•  Linda A. Sharp. (Contract), Contract Law Implications of Academic Dismissal of Students and the Use of Contract Law to Challenge University Action 
•  Edward N. Stoner II. (Student Discipline), Constitutional and Contract Law Issues Pertaining to Student Discipline 
•  Michael M. York. (Policy), Policy for Records Request from News Media 
•  Lawrence White. (Health Care), Emerging Law and Policy Issues in Health Care on Campus: Faculty Tenure and Compensation Issues 
•  Beverly W. Miller. (Higher Ed), Traditions in Transition 
•  Charles F. Carletta. (Private Colleges), Special Issues Affecting Private Colleges and Universities 
•  Eugene Bramhall. (Private Colleges/ Religious Colleges), Legal Issues Facing Private Religious Schools
•  Laura F. Rothstein. (Disability), Disability Law Update 
•  Joseph C. Beckham. (Supreme Court Decisions), The Eleventh Amendment Revisited: Implications of Recent Supreme Court Interpretations on the Immunity of Public Colleges and Universities 


Steven J. McDonald. (Cyberspace), An Overview of Internet Law
•  Barbara F. Geffen. (Copyright), Copyright in Cyberspace 
•  Marjorie W. Hodges. (Cyberspace), "Virtual Legality" 
•  Howard W. Bell, Jr. (Cyberspace/ Policy), Developing Information Technology Policies: An Administration Perspective 
•  (U.S. Code), Supplemental Materials: United States Code, Vol. Nine, Title 18 - Crimes and Criminal Procedure, Title 19 - Customs Duties