1996 - National Conference on Law and Higher Education Archive

Main Conference

Main Conference
(Harassment), Mock Problem Scenario for the Opening Plenary Session on Workplace Harassment Issues
•  Elsa Kircher Cole and Thomas P. Hustoles. (Harassment/ Discrimination), Memorandum of Law: Possible Defenses to Anticipated Allegations of Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination
•  Joan E. Van Tol. (Harassment) , Eros Gone Awry: Liability Under Title VII for Workplace Sexual Favoritism 
•  William A. Kaplin and Gary Pavela. (Policy), Law and Policy 1996: Religion on Campus 
•  Dr. Donald D. Gehring and Sheila Trice Bell. (Liability), Liability of the University as Lanlord or Invitor: A New View by the Courts of University Duty to Resident Students - New Liability Exposure Presented by ATM's 
•  Lawrence White. (Affirmative Action), Affirmative Action in Admissions and Financial Aid: An Introduction to Legal Analysis 
•  Mary Elizabeth Kurz. (Affirmative Action), Affirmative Action Under Strict Scrutiny: Admissions and Financial Aid 
•  Mary Elizabeth Kurz. (Affirmative Action), Affirmative Action in Employment in the Aftermath of Adarand 
•  Barry D. Burgdorf. (Affirmative Action), Hopwood and Affirmative Action in the Educational Context 
•  Sandra H. McMullan. (Liability/ Campus Law Enforcement), Campus Police Issues: Policing in an Age of Liability 
•  Dr. Denise M. Waryold. (Liability/ Campus Law Enforcement), Campus Police Issues: Policing in an Age of Litigation 
•  Anthony J. Purcell. (Liability/ Campus Law Enforcement), Campus Policing Issues: Policing in an Age of Litigation 
•  Maureen K. Byrnes. (Legislation), Legislative and Regulatory Report 
•  Sheldon Elliot Steinbach. (Taxation/ Legislation), Tax Legislation and Higher Education: The Activist Approach of the 104th Congress 
•  Linda S. Calvert Hanson. (Legislation), Florida Legislature Revisits the Regulations and Liability of Sports Agents and Student Athletes 
•  Laura A. Kumin. (Liability), The Expanding Liability of the University for Student Injury: Field Trips; K-12 Students in Academic and Sport Camps; Supervising Underage Students 
•  Linda A. Sharp. (Liability), Expanding Liability of the University for Student Injury: Field Trips; K-12 Students in Academic and Sport Camps 
•  Marene N. Allison, Richard H. Blay, Thomas F. Salp, Thomas M. Seamon, Michael G. Shanhan, Dr. Howard W. Timm and Bryan Vossekuil. (Violence), Combating Workplace Violence 
•  Paul J. Ward. (Cyberspace), College Computers in the Fast Lane: A Review of Emerging Legal Issues and Technology in Electronic Communication (Version 2.0) 
•  Martin Solomon. (Cyberspace), The Internet & Associated Problems 
•  Edward N. Stoner II, Pamela G. Bernard and Dr. Patricia Grunder. (Students), Legal Issues Involved in the Processing of Student Grievances and the Revision of Student Conduct Codes or Policies 
•  Thomas J. Flygare and Lee B. Liggett. (Harassment), Workshop Session - Collision on Campus - Reconciling Sex and Race Harassment Policies with Free Speech and Academic Freedom - A Case Study 
•  Stephen S. Dunham. (Liability), The University's Role When an Employee, Student or Student Organization is Sued; Ethical Issues Affecting Relationships Among Legal Counsel and University Defendants 
•  Dr. William L. Kibler. (Student Organizations), The Relationship Between Student Organizations and Colleges and Universities 
•  Charles F. Carletta. (Private Schools), Special Issues Affecting Private Colleges and Universities
•  Wendy S. White. (Private Schools), Issues for Private Colleges: 1. What is a Private College? 2. What Rules Must it Follow? 3. What Are the Implications of Private Status on Employment Issues? 
•  Barbara A. Lee and Steven G. Oslwang. (Higher Ed Employment), Looking at Academic Personnel Issues From "Both Sides Now": An Examination of Academic Personnel Issues Which Raise Serious Law-Administrative & Faculty-Administrator Relations Views, Including Legal and Administrative Response to Unproductive Faculty Performance; Disruptive and Uncollegial Faculty; The Accommodation of Disabled Faculty (Essential Job Functions of Faculty) 
•  James J. Mingle. (Student Organizations), Structural/Governance Relationship Between the University and Social Fraternities: An "Annual Contract" Approach 
•  Carol Jean LoCicero. (Defamation), Defamation Cases Affecting Higher Education: The Institution as a Defendant 
•  Michael York. (Defamation), Defamation: The Institution as Defendant 
•  Burling and George M. Shur. (Higher Ed Employment), Managing the Termination of Employment to Avoid Litigation 
•  Peter H. Ruger. (Faculty), Academic and Professional Contracts: Legal Issues Affecting Adjunct Faculty 


Post-Conference Workshop: How to Make Effective College Admissions, Curriculum and Employment Decisions Under the Americans with Disabilities Act
Laura F. Rothstein. (Disability), Current Disability Law Issues for Higher Education
•  Dr. Barbara A. Lee. (ADA), Implications of the Americans with Disabilities Act for Faculty and Staff 
•  Cynthia N. Sass. (ADA), Employment Decisions and the Americans with Disabilities Act 
•  Robert D. Bickel. (ADA), A Brief Overview of Selected Legal Issues Related to the Admission and Instruction of Students with Disabilities Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act 
•  Dr. Marsha A. Glines. (ADA), Thoughts on Curriculum Development - A Personalized Holistic Approach for College Learning Disabled Students 
•  (ADA), Problem Scenarios