1995 - National Conference on Law and Higher Education Archive

Main Conference

Main Conference Materials
Scenario. (Employment Discrimination/ Employee Misconduct), Plenary Session: How to Respond to Employee Misconduct Without Creating Liability Under Employment Discrimination Laws; Employee Misconduct Which Affects Student Rights
•  P. Hustoles and Elsa Kircher Cole. (Higher Ed Employment), University Employee Misconduct Scenario: Privileged and Confidential Attorney-Client Communication
•  Joseph A. Golden. (Higher Ed Employment), University Employee Misconduct Scenario: Pre-Complaint Activity in a Wrongful Discharge Claim - A Plaintiff Attorney's Perspective 
•  Laura F. Rothstein. (Disability), Current Disability Law Issues Affecting the Admission and Instruction of Students 
•  Sanders Kehl. (Disability), Accommodating Learning Disabled College Students: Standards of Judicial Review 
•  Sheila Trice Bell, Laura Kumin and David Westol. (Event Management) , Event Management 
•  Sheila Trice Bell. (Event Management), Legal Issues Affecting Event Management at Colleges and Universities 
•  Laura A. Kumin. (Drugs/Alcohol), Developing Effective and Legally Sound Alcohol Policies 
•  (Event Management), Supplemental Materials for: Event Management 
•  Dr. Barbara A. Lee. (Higher Ed Employment), Post-Tenure Review Legal and Policy Issues 
•  Dr. Timothy D. Letzring. (Higher Ed Employment), Faculty Dismissals During Financial Exigency 
•  Paul J. Ward. (Cyberspace), Current Issues Related to Computer Networks, E-Mail and Use of Computers on Campus 
•  Patricia A. Hollander. (Cyberspace), Computer Networks - Current Intellectual Property Issues Infringement in Cyberspace 
•  Barbara Bennett. (Open Records Laws), Open Records Laws and Student Disciplinary Records: Expanded Media Access to Student Records - A FERPA Update 
•  Mark Goodman. (Open Records Laws), Open Records Law and Student Disciplinary Records: Expanded Media Access to Student Records From the Journalist's Perspective
•  Wesley Lowery. (Open Records Laws), Open Records Laws and Student Disciplinary Records: Expanded Media Access to Student Records 
•  Lawrence White. (Sexual Assault), The Legal Parameters of Consent in Cases of Alleged Sexual Battery or "Acquaintance Assault" and the Analytically Related Issues of Institutional Policies on Consensual Sexual Relationships 
•  William A. Kaplin and Gary Pavela. (Policy), Law and Policy 1995: A Discussion 
•  Alison B. Marshall. (Violence), Evaluating and Responding to Threats of Workplace Violence 
•  Jackie R. McClain. (Violence), Violence in the Workplace: An Institutional Response 
•  Oscar F. Westerfield. (Violence), Workplace Violence - A Challenge to Law Enforcement 
•  Julie Gross Adelson and Jon P. Picotte. (Academic Dishonesty), Misrepresentation by Students in Admission Applications and Student Academic Dishonesty 
•  William L. Kibler. (Academic Dishonesty), Addressing Student Academic Dishonesty and Promoting Academic Integrity 
•  Stephen S. Dunham. (Ethics), A Two Part Look at Lawyer Ethics 
•  Dr. Stephen Joel Trachtenberg. (Law), The Triumph of Law in Our Academic Disorder 
•  Charles F. Carletta. (Higher Ed Law), Campus Student Judicial Process: Public v. Private; Providing Tax Free Lodging for College Employees; Crisis Communications Plan: Background Information; Legal Issues Confronting the Campus at Large 
•  Wendy S. White. (ADA) , Issues for Private Colleges: Single Gender Institutions and the Equal Protection Clause - the Americans with Disabilities Act 
•  Kent M. Weeks. (First Amendment), Academic Freedom: Limitations and Protections; Religiously Affiliated Colleges and Universities 
•  Edward N. Stoner II and Beverly E. Ledbetter. (Supreme Court Decisions), A Commentary for Higher Education on Two Interesting Recent Supreme Court Decisions 
•  Pamela J. Bernard. (Students), Academic Dismissals of Students Involved in Clinical, Internship or Externship Activities 
•  Peter F. Lake. (Mental Illness), Tarasoff Revisited: Does a Special Relationship Between the College and a Student Arise from the Foreseeability of Danger 
•  Barry D. Burgdorf. (Affirmative Action), Hopwood and Affirmative Action in the Educational Context 
•  John K. Anderson. (Affirmative Action), Podberesky v. Kirwan: The Defense of a Minority Scholarship at the University of Maryland at College Park
•  Joseph C. Beckham, Jr. (Higher Ed), Forum Analysis in Public Sector Higher Education 
•  Peter H. Ruger. (First Amendment), The First Amendment on Campus: Revisiting Speech and Religion Issues 
•  Linda A. Sharp. (Liability/ Athletics), Tort Liability Update - Issues in Collegiate Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity 
•  Norma V. Cantu. (Supplementary Materials), Supplementary Materials for: Doe Open Forum 
•  Dr. Donald D. Gehring. (Higher Ed), A Historical Perspective on Federal Involvement in Higher Education in America 


Post-Conference: Update on IRS Examinations of Colleges and Universities
Bertrand M. Harding, Jr., Edgar D. McClellan and Lorraine Sciarra. (Taxation), Update on IRS Examinations of Colleges and Universities
•  Lorraine Sciarra. (Taxation), Taxation of Student Payments (not scanned)