1994 - National Conference on Law and Higher Education Archive

Main Conference

Main Conference Materials
(Violence), Campus Assault Scenario
•  Robert Dale Bickel. (Violence) , Campus Assault Scenario: General Analysis of the Possible Causes of Action for Assault & Battery, False Imprisonment and the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
•  George M. Shur. (Violence), Campus Assault Scenario: General Counsel's Perspective 
•  Joseph M. Fioravanti. (Violence), Campus Assault Scenario: The Evolution of the University's Duty to Protect 
•  Dr. W. Clarke Douglas. (Violence), Campus Assault Scenario: The Role of the Dean of Student Affairs 
•  Dr. Diane M. Waryold. (Violence), Campus Assault Scenario: Student Judicial Officer 
•  Angie Tipton. (Violence), Campus Assault Scenario: On Scene Officer and Media Liaison 
•  E.T. "Joe" Buchanan, Cary Jensen and George Meeker. (Liability), Identifying College and University Activities That Are Most Likely to Cause Injury and Result in Law Suits: College and University Claims Data as a Risk Predictive Tool 
•  Elsa Cole and Thomas Hustoles. (Harassment), Implementation of EEOC Racial/Ethnic Harassment Guidelines 
•  William Kaplin, Gary Pavela and Daniel Schofield. (First Amendment), Academic Freedom in the Classroom: An Interview 
•  Anthony Lewis, Mark Rahdert, Lawrence White and Daniel Schofield. (Campus), The Campus as a Marketplace of Ideas 
•  Joan Van Tol and James Vaseleck. (Admissions), Admissions Law Workshop 
•  Beverly Ledbetter and Walter B. Connolly, Jr. (Title IX), Gender and Sex: Title IX in the 1990s 
•  John Anderson and Richard Weitzner. (Discrimination), The Issues of Reverse Discrimination: An Analysis of Podberesky v. Kirwan and Its Impact 
•  Peter McDonough and Linda Sharp. (Liability), Tort Liability Update 
•  Peter G. McDonough. (Liability), Tort Liability Update: Premises Liability, Alcohol-Related Liability, Activities, Sports, Campus Health Facilities and Individual Liability, Indemnification and Joint Defense Agreements 
•  Barbara Lee. (ADA), Issues Regarding Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act 
•  William Kauffman and Saundra Schuster. (Student Government), Re-Examining the Role of Student Government 
•  Patricia Hollander and Peter Ruger. (Faculty), Should Tenure Be Abolished?
•  Flora Devine, Dennis Golden, Madelyn Jacobs and Edward Stoner II. (Rape/ Sexual Assault), What is Acquaintance Rape: The Issues of Consent in Student Sexual Relations 
•  David Bergen, Charles Carletta, Lawrence DeNardis and John Hill. (Private Schools), Special Session for Private College and University Issues 
•  P.J. Boylan, Karen McElrath and Wendy White. (Female Faculty), Salary, Tenure and Promotion Issues Affecting Female Faculty 
•  Cary Singletary and Gene Zdziarski. (Mediation), The Nature, Scope and Use of Mediation in Resolving Student and Campus Employment Disputes 
•  Fernand Dutile, Dennis Gregory and Sheldon Steinbach. (Higher Ed), The Washington Report 
•  Sheila Bell and Carolyn Palmer. (Victimization), Victimization in University Residence Halls 
•  Donald Gehring, Victor Hazard and David Westol. (Legal Duty), The Fraternity's Legal Duty
•  Howard Bell and Sally Harwood. (Liability/Cyberspace), Liability Issues Arising From Computer Misuse by Students, Faculty and Administrators