1993 - National Conference on Law and Higher Education Archive

Main Conference

Main Conference Materials
Bill Scott. (ADA), Strategies for the Successful Implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act
•  Mark C. Rahdert. (Harassment), Whither PC After R.A.V.?
•  Dan Cormany, Charles F. Carletta and Dr. Beverly W. Miller. (Private Schools), What's So Special About Being Private? Relinquishing Legal Entitlements Unique to the Private College 
•  J. Lama Woodard, Sally S. Harwood, Dr. Paul M. Hunt and Howard Bell. (Cyberspace), The Identification, Protection & Exploitations of Intellectual Property: Popular Questions Related to Computer Applications, and the Use and Misuse of Computer Catalog Boards 
•  Gerald W. Woods, Peter H. Ruger, Roderick Daane and Barbara Harty-Golder. (Discrimination), The Disenrollment of Students of Termination of Employees Because of AIDS: A Discussion of the Ruling in Doe v. Washington University 
•  Mary Beth Kurz, Pamela J. Bernard and Dr. Jay Wolfson. (Students), Research, Graduate Students and Scientific Misconduct: Data and Publication Rights; Academic and Disciplinary Issues 
•  Dr. James R. Beasley, Dr. Patricia M. King, Beverly E. Ledbetter and Gary Pavela. (Ethics), Inherent Ethical Issues Affecting Administration (What the Rules Don't Cover). The Ethics of Advising the University Client: How to Advise University Committees and Individuals 
•  Wendy J. Thompson, Edward N. Stoner, II and Sheila Trice Bell. (Discrimination), A Critique of the Handling of Sex Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Charges on Campus: Is a Separate Procedure Needed?
•  David T. Henniger, Joan E. Van Tol and Wendy S. White. (Admissions), Current Legal Issues Affecting Admissions Programs, Including the bona fides of Physical and Mental Capacity Requirements; The "Learning Disabled" Applicant; Are Certain Resources Mandated By the "Reasonable Accommodation Requirement"? 
•  Barbara Lee, Dr. Carolyn Palmer and Dr. Denise E. Gregory. (Violence), Violence in Campus Residence Halls 
•  George K. Rahdert. (Violence/ Campus Security) (A Campus Case Study), A Campus Case Study: A Plaintiff's Attorney, College President, University Attorney, Dean of Students, Judicial Officer, Information Officer, Risk Manager, Newspaper Reporter, and Law Enforcement Officer Respond to a Socratic Inquiry into How a Campus Reacts to Violent Sexual Assault 
•  George K. McCann, William A. Kaplin and Patricia A. Hollander. (Faculty), New Developments in Faculty Tenure, Academic Freedom and Shared Governance: How has the Abatement of Mandatory Retirement and the Impact of Connick v. Myers affected Faculty Tenure?
•  M. Theresa Harris, Sandra H. McMullan, Linda A. Sharp and Dr. James R. Vander Lind. (Liability, The Liability of Students and Student Organizations: Managing High Risk Student Activities, Including Recreation and Sports - The Proper Use of Releases and Consent Forms 
•  Lawrence White, Karen Stone, Linda Timm and Dr. Keith Carodine. (Higher Ed), The University's Duty to Educate: Has the Tort Theory of Educational Malpractice Been Replaced by a Contract Duty in Academic Advisement? The Impact of Ross v. Creighton University on Student Athletes
•  Dr. W. Jack Crocker, Clark Wheeler, Gail E. Sasnett-Stauffer and Dave Dahlen. (Two-Year Schools), Special Legal Issues Affecting the Administration of Two Year Colleges: Particular Legal Concerns Affecting Health and Technical Programs 
•  Lourdes F. La Paz, Dr. Donald D. Gehring and James Patrick Barone. (Drugs), The Final Word on Compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, and the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act - A Review of Recent Litigation Involving Media Demands for Student Records 
•  Roger W. Sorchty, Christy L. Whitfield and Dr. Timothy F. Brooks. (Off-Campus), Current Legal Issues in Cases Involving Off-Campus Criminal Offense: Special Problems of Urban Campuses 
•  AutLynn Haines, John L. Strope and Charles W. Newell. (Liability)hor, Institutional Liability for Student Teaching, Internships, Practice and Other Off-Campus Placements 
•  Paul T. Dee, Richard Nash and Dr. James Sewell. (Emergencies), The Lessons of Hurricane Andrew: The Institution's Legal Responsibilities During and After a Major Disaster - Would Your Emergency Management Plan Work?