Who We Are - Elder Consumer Protection Program

With a focus on scams and frauds, the Elder Consumer Protection Program at Stetson University College of Law's Center for Excellence in Elder Law serves as an educational and information resource on general and legal matters regarding elder consumer fraud and scam protection and awareness.

The Elder Consumer Protection Program is supported through funding provided by a cooperative state agency. The program offers a diverse array of materials and services that provide knowledge, promote awareness, and offer guidance.

Materials and services offered by and through the program include, but are not limited to:

  • Community Speeches/Group Presentations
  • Elder Consumer Law Day Events
  • Mobile Credit Report and Opt-Out/Do-Not-Call Registration Events
  • Consumer Inquiry Guidance and Assistance (online or by e-mail)
  • Educational/Informational Brochures
  • Educational/Informational Videos
  • Quarterly Newsletter (online)
  • Consumer Alerts
  • Instructional Reference Guides/Checklists
  • Informational Resource Directory
  • State-by-State Consumer Protection Statutory Database (online)

The Elder Consumer Protection Program's objective is to identify information and suggest resources that may give assistance and/or provided guidance. However, the Elder Consumer Protection Program does not offer legal services and does not provide legal representation. Therefore, any information contained herein or provided subsequent hereto is not legal advice, is not a definite statement of the law, and is not a complete analysis of the area of reference.