Educational Brochures - Elder Consumer Protection Program

The Elder Consumer Protection Program creates and produces various types of educational and informational materials. Provided below are digital versions of some of the materials created and produced by the Program. These materials provide and promote knowledge on general and legal topics regarding current and developing matters in the area of elder consumer protection and awareness.

*All materials are available to view, download, print, and distribute for Educational Purposes.

**Hard copies of all materials may be provided upon written request.

» Current and Common Scams (PDF)

» Fraud Avoidance Measures Everyone Should Take (PDF)

» Identity Theft Awareness Brochure (PDF)

» Financial Fraud Awareness Brochure (PDF)

» Disaster Fraud Awareness Brochure (PDF)

» Top Scams Targeting Veterans (PDF)

» Tax Season Scam Awareness Brochure (PDF)

» Advance Directive Awareness Brochure (PDF)

» Power of Attorney Awareness Brochure (PDF)

» Will Awareness Brochure (PDF)


*Please note that the Elder Consumer Protection Program does not offer or provide legal services or legal representation. Any information contained or provided herein is not legal advice, is not a definite statement of the law, and is not a complete analysis of the area of reference.

AUDIO: How the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act Affects Consumers

AUDIO: You Can't Win a Lottery You Didn't Enter

AUDIO: Medicare Beneficiaries Are Being Targeted in New Scam

» More multimedia