Stetson Law Curriculum Navigator

The Stetson Law Curriculum Navigator provides students with guidance on course selection through pathways curated by Stetson Law faculty. Explore the pathways below to learn more about the courses and other information related to your academic areas of interest.


The Stetson Law Curriculum Navigator includes specific pathways to careers identified by the faculty. Everyone will have their own unique pathway through law school – in fact, many students will change their direction over time, as they learn new doctrines and explore potential careers. Few students enter law school knowing exactly the area of law in which they will eventually practice. Such uncertainty is normal and even healthy; law school can and should be a time of exploration.

These are not college majors and you will never be required to select a specific pathway for graduation. Stetson offers many opportunities, and the Stetson Law Curriculum Navigator provides an overview. Students are free to combine different pathways or change their direction as necessary. The purpose of this online resource was created to help guide you, not lock you into a set of pre-determined courses.

You are encouraged to be well-rounded in your course choices, even beyond courses specifically required for graduation. Most attorneys benefit from foundational courses that prepare one for practice in almost all fields. You can find these highly recommended foundational courses in the pathway called General Practice and Bar Preparation.

In addition to courses recommended for specific careers, the Stetson Law Curriculum Navigator is a visual course catalog, describing each class, listing professors and reference librarians volunteering to advise students on careers, and identifying which courses meet Stetson's upper-level distribution requirements for Administrative Law, Code, Writing, and Skills. Each pathway also includes links to relevant student and professional organization, news websites and blogs, and advocacy competitions. You can add your own comments to courses for each pathway and print a personal course map, which can be changed (and changed again) at any time.


Each pathway is divided into Phase One: Core and Foundational courses directly related to the specific career; Phase Two: Other Recommended Courses that the faculty believes will serve as a useful adjunct to attorneys practicing law in that area; and Phase Three: Experiential Courses, which include externships, clinics, simulation courses, and some standard courses that may be considered optional for students seeking to specialize in that area.

While the Stetson Law Curriculum Navigator is intended to give you access to a wealth of information and advice, please feel free to meet with any professor, particularly the ones listed for each pathway, to discuss courses and career options. Stetson students do not have to make these choices alone!


Have any thoughts or feedback on the Stetson Law Curriculum Navigator? We would very much like to hear from you! Please email Professor Bauer.