American/Caribbean Law Externship

3 Credit Hours (Offered only in the Spring semester)

Overseeing Professors:
Darryl C. Wilson
Associate Dean for Faculty and Strategic Initiatives, and Professor of Law
Co-Director, Institute of Caribbean Law and Policy

Watch video for details about this program. 

Program Description:
The Caribbean Law externship is a comparative law directed study course intended to familiarize students with the judiciary and laws of various nations. A consortium of schools from the United States and the Caribbean participate in the program, and each semester a participating school serves as host of the externship program. 

Students perform directed research and prepare written and oral responses to problems and legal questions generated by government officials (e.g., Attorneys General and United States Attorneys). Although students perform most of their work from their home campuses, the capstone of the program is a three-day workshop at the host location that is attended by students from each of the participating law schools. At this event, students participate in group sessions, are individually mooted by faculty advisors, and give a final oral presentation before the government officials who formulated the problems. In addition to the above, students monitor, research, and report on significant cases and legislation affecting international relations, with particular emphasis placed on the single market economy known as CARICOM and the new Caribbean Court of Justice.

Placement Locations:
Most work is performed from Stetson University College of Law. However, students also participate in a three-day workshop at the hosting law school. In addition to Stetson, participating schools include:

  • The Cayman Islands Law School
  • Norman Manley School of Law (Jamaica)
  • The Eugene Dupuch School of Law (Bahamas)
  • Nova Southeastern Shepard Broad Law
  • Florida Coastal School of Law Center
  • Hugh Wooding School of Law (Trinidad)
  • Texas Southern Thurgood Marshall School of Law
  • Charlotte School of Law
  • Florida International School of Law

Program Requirements:

  • Complete 128 hours;
  • Produce written responses to questions posed by government officials;
  • Produce written summaries of cases, legislation, legal and educational developments;
  • Travel to workshop and participate in group and individual exercises (during three-day workshop);
  • Deliver oral presentations (during clinical workshop); and
  • Monitor legal events related to course and submit periodic reports on the same.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Successful completion of all first-year required courses; and
  • Be in good academic standing

Application Requirements:

  • Submit a completed Application for Clinics and Externships to the Clinical and Experiential Education Department by the appropriate deadline.
  • May require an interview with Dean Wilson