Eleanor Naylor Dana Hall

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This building was formally dedicated in 1969. The first floor of Eleanor Naylor Dana Hall houses administrative offices, including the Dean's Office. The first floor also has a faculty conference room. The walls on the first floor are adorned with portraits of previous deans of the College of Law. A portrait of Dana hangs in the foyer.

On the stairs leading to the second floor, letters have been placed on various steps, hence the legend of the "grading stairwell." The legend has persisted that some professors would throw student exams from the top of the stairwell and whichever step the exam landed upon dictated the grade the student was given. Notice that the largest steps contain the grades "D" and "F" - in reference to a former professor who was notorious for giving very low grades. The second floor houses faculty offices, a faculty library, meeting room and the faculty support services office.