The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July commemorates the ratification of the Declaration of Independence by Congress on July 4, 1776, which officially declared the 13 established colonies as legally separate from Great Britain and the establishment of the United States of America as an independent nation. As an annual national holiday, Independence Day symbolizes the enduring ideals of freedom and democracy, and is a powerful reminder of our history and commitment to an inclusive society that upholds liberty and justice for all.

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Read along with the Constitution's Preamble as it communicates the intentions and purpose of this important document (Duration: 00:52, The United States Courts, 2018).


Local Events

4th of July Celebrations

The City of Gulfport
July 4, 2024│ 8 AM-9:30 PM│Downtown Gulfport 
All are welcome to come out and celebrate Independence Day with the City of Gulfport. In the morning, compete in the Fishing Derby or Family Sand Sculpture contest and in the evening enjoy the Gulfport Independence Day Parade and fireworks display.

The Fourth- St Pete Pier

The City of St. Petersburg
July 4, 2024│ 4 PM-10 PM│Spa Beach Park & Family Park on the St Pete Pier
The traditional Fourth of July fireworks show sponsored by the City of St. Pete is scheduled for Thursday, July 4th, at 9 pm and will be visible from the entire Downtown waterfront


Independence Day: July 4th
The Smithsonian
From the signing of the Declaration of Independence to cookouts, parades, and fireworks, take a look through the collections and reflect upon the definition of liberty and equality

Patriotic Melodies
The Library of Congress
Patriotic Melodies tells the stories behind many of the songs that have now become apart of the United States' heritage

The United States of America's Revolution 

The United States' Revolution
The National Park Service
A brief history of the United States' Revolution

The Declaration of Independence
The United States Immigration Services
Read and reflect on the Declaration of Independence

People of the American Revolution
The National Park Service
An overview of the key players of the United States' Revolutionary War

Battlefields of the Revolutionary War
The National Park Service
Explore the landmarks of the Revolutionary War

Freedom for All

July 4th, Independence Day, is a celebration of the birth of the United States as an independent nation, and founding ideals that make the collective celebration of a host of other annual observances possible

Civil Rights in St. Petersburg
Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg
Explore local civil rights history

LGBTQ+ Civil Rights History
Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg
Civil rights movements have shaped the United States


Principles of the American Revolution

Reflect on the text of the Declaration of Independence and the historical context that influenced the thinkers of the Revolution (Duration, 7:41, The National Constitution Center).

The Bill of Rights 

Explore the influences that George Mason and the Virgina Declaration had on the Bill of Rights (Duration, 16:37, The National Constitution Center).

Why Have Civil Dialogue?

Drawing on the writings of Supreme Court Justices Louis Brandeis and Oliver Wendell Holmes, reflect on the central role civil dialogue has played in American democracy throughout history and today (Duration, 5:42, The National Constitution Center).


National Resources

National Archives – Learn more
Office of the Historian – Learn more
Library of Congress – Learn more