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2018 Quality of Service Employee Recognition Awards

Now is the time to submit your nominations for the Annual Employee Recognition Awards! Winners will be announced at the Employee Recognition event April 16, 2018. Each award recipient will receive a plaque and a check for one hundred dollars. Show your appreciation and nominate a deserving colleague or co-worker.

Any full-time active or regular part time employee of Stetson University may be considered for nomination of an employee recognition award.

Deadline for all nominations is March 30th, 2018. Those who submit a nomination will be entered for a chance to win one of two special gifts valued at $50 that will be given away at the award ceremony. One entry will be given for each AWARD CATEGORY in which you nominate someone.


Award Categories

ADAPTER OF THE YEAR - A flexible individual who adjusts quickly and readily to changes within the department due to evolving technology, new schedules, or other job responsibilities.

COMMUNICATOR OF THE YEAR - An individual who is able to convey information in such a clear manner that it is satisfactorily received by all segments of the Stetson Community.

EXTRA MILE AWARD - An individual who goes beyond their job description to help others when needed without complaint or expectation.

MENTOR OF THE YEAR - An admired individual who has supported, guided and encouraged others with their careers at Stetson.

MONEY SAVER OF THE YEAR - An individual who has effectively reduced costs for their department or the University.

MORALE BUILDER OF THE YEAR - A positive individual who consistently boosts the spirits of others with friendliness, enthusiasm and encouragement.

P.A.R. AWARD - An individual who embodies the three characteristics of this award - Professionalism, Attitude and Reliability.

PROBLEM SOLVER OF THE YEAR - A solution finder; the coworker that people call when something goes wrong, or when they have a question or situation for which they don’t have an answer.

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR - An individual whose passion and actions both on and off campus exemplify their commitment to Stetson’s core values.

SPIRIT OF STETSON - The person who embodies the true spirit of Stetson University every day and who has traits of several of the award categories. The winner is selected by the Council from the entire list of nominees.

NEW - STETSON UNIVERSITY STAFF EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR - The Stetson University Staff Employee of the Year Award recipient embodies the mission of the university, exhibits exemplary service in their daily work and has made a notable contribution to a department or university project. They consistently display characteristics valued and appreciated by coworkers. They are a reliable compass continually pointing the university in the direction of its goals and values.

The winner of this new award will receive $250, and a reserved parking spot for the year!




Adapter of the Year

Communicator of the Year

Extra Mile Award

Mentor of the Year

Money Saver of the Year

Morale Builder of the Year

P.A.R. Award

Problem Solver of the Year

Volunteer of the Year

Stetson University Staff Employee of the Year


We want to know what makes your nominee special. Please share with us why this person is deserving of the award by giving examples or stories that show why they are worthy. All information is considered CONFIDENTIAL and will not be accessible to anyone other than council members, although quotes may be used during presentation of awards to winners. Following the announcement, all original nominations will be filed with Human Resources.



Please Note

The following employees have received awards within the past three years or are currently on the Quality of Service Council and are INELIGIBLE to be nominated this year.

2017 Winners

Adapter of the Year, Caroline Skinner

Communicator of the Year, Cecil Chik

Extra Mile Award, April Atkinson

Mentor of the Year, Travis Potter

Morale Builder of the Year, Kendrial Wilson

P.A.R. Award, Treasa McDonald

Problem Solver of the Year, (two winners) Rick Tysor & Dawn Bass

Volunteer of The Year, Jeanne Peterson

Spirit of Stetson, Jimmy Franklin

2015-2016 Winners

Al Allen

Albert Aguirre

Maria Marrero

Dr. James Mallet

Jimmy Kelly

Kim Oates

Debbie Hines

Robert Berwick

Savannah Jane Griffin

Colin McFarlane

2014-2015 Winners:

Sandy Aubrey

Marj Burrhus

Kim Canup

Tonya Curran

Robert Hanks

Nora Huth

Amy McAfoos-Schaefer

Melissa Peters

Trena Wetherington

Quality of Service Council Members:

Theresa Carroll

Donna Loftus

Nora Huth

Julie Hunter

Dale Peterson

Cody Carraway

Cecil Chik

Cathy Foster

Robert Elkins

Caroline Skinner

Denise Vega

Donna Nassick

Claudine Verdone

Amanda Richards

Regina Oltorik

Tonya Curran