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Planning Grants Application/Prospectus

Nina B. Hollis Institute for Education Reform

The mission of the Nina B. Hollis Institute for Education Reform (NBHIER) at Stetson University is to stimulate innovations for the advancement of all, particularly birth through grade 12 and non-traditional learners, relating to creating educational opportunities for all through research and applied partnerships. The Institute focuses on outreach and dissemination to address ways in which race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, English proficiency, community wealth, familial situations, and other factors contribute to or perpetuate lower educational aspirations, achievement, and attainment for affected groups of students.

The purpose of the Nina B. Hollis Institute Planning Grant ($1000) is to stimulate interest in developing a project that would be competitive for the Nina B. Hollis Research Impact Award (NBHRIA). Applicants who are awarded a planning grant will receive $250 at the time of the award. The remaining $750 will be awarded if the full NBHRIA is approved for funding in May. See timeline below.

The NBHRIA provides seed funding to support research to inform innovation development that expands the boundaries of P-12 education. NBHRIA seed funding is intended to lead to external funding for the continued advancement of the project goals. NBHRIA funding (up to $10,000, annually, depending on the scope of the project, for up to three years) may be used to support pilot or initial research projects that will be advanced through external funding, or research projects that inform innovation development, the implementation and evaluation of which will be funded through external funding.

Timeline for the Nina B. Hollis Institute Planning Grant ($1000)

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