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The Nina B. Hollis Institute for Educational Reform
Research Impact Award Application

Hollis Institute 2021-2022 Funding Cycle

The purpose of the Nina B. Hollis Research Impact Award (NBHRIA) is to provide seed funding to support research that expands the boundaries of education. The NBHRIA encourages innovative approaches to addressing barriers faced by affected populations in our society to improve their educational outcomes. Proposals may address such areas as academic progress, social/personal growth, school culture and climate, and teacher/leader enhancement.

Contact Information

Research Proposal

  1. Project goals
  2. Project background and significance, including how the proposed research fits with the Hollis Institute mission and NBHRIA purpose
  3. Project description and implementation plan (timeline)
  4. Project evaluation plan (with specific metrics)
  5. Expected project outcomes and anticipated next phases
  6. IRB approval
  7. Detailed budget
  8. Project Sustainability Plan
  9. Principal Investigator and research team members, including titles and departmental affiliations, and description of what each person will accomplish, including specific details on how he/she is critical to the project
  10. Append the Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the Principal Investigator; CV for Co- Investigator(s) is optional

Maximum proposal length is five pages excluding cover sheet and any tables and figures (including legends). Number pages consecutively at the bottom right of each page. Include the name of the Principal Investigator at top right of each page.