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Financial Aid Appeal Form

Personal Information

Appeal Information

For a student whose university scholarship has been reduced, eliminated or is requesting an extension. Also for students whose institutional aid was cancelled from failure to maintain the required GPA, you must have had a significant or extenuating circumstance that affected your ability to meet the required GPA.


For students with extenuating circumstances or a significant change in financial status since filing the FAFSA. If review is warranted, you will be requested to provide additional supporting documentation.


For students whose state aid has been cancelled due to not meeting academic progress, as a result of a verifiable illness or emergency beyond a student’s control. Please submit statement of the circumstances of the illness or emergency and its impact on the student’s performance, and documentation of the circumstances. Deadline to submit State Aid Appeal for 2019-2020 academic year is October 1, 2019.


Please use this option if your reason for requesting additional funds does not fall into one of the other appeal categories.


Additional Information

Please note files larger than 7.5 MB can not be uploaded through this form. If you have an additional document that is needed to be included with this appeal, please provide it to Financial Aid directly.

Please note that additional information may be requested.