Students present at fall 2019 RGIP public trustee meeting

RGIP Stock Pitch Competition

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and recommendations from CDC and local governments to practice physical distancing, we regret to inform you that the first annual RGIP Stock Pitch competition has been canceled. We look forward to hosting this event next year.

The Roland George Investments Program is hosting its inaugural Stock Pitch Competition, open to all students from any class or major.

The top three semi-finalists will present their pitches at this spring's Public Trustee Meeting, the pinnacle event for RGIP. The final stock pitches will be ranked by the RGIP Trustees to determine the competition winners.

Competition Format

The RGIP Stock Pitch Competition begins with a written report. Reports may be submitted by an individual or in teams of two. 

Submissions Open: TBD
Submissions Close: TBD

Following the submission close date, the RGIP student analysts will evaluate the top 12 semi-finalists. These 12 individuals or teams will be given access to the RGIP Trading room and will receive an orientation into the Bloomberg software and other laboratory tools.

The semi-finalist will then present to the RGIP student analysts who will select the top five or six stock pitches. These finalists will then present at the Spring 2020 RGIP Public Trustee Meeting.

RGIP Public Trustee Meeting

Following the live presentations, the stock pitches will be voted on by the RGIP Trustees and may be bought by the program. 

The pitch submission report must fit/include the following guidelines:

  • Must contain only publicly available information.
  • Be the original work of the individual/team. Cite sources as needed.
  • Be prepared from the standpoint of an independent research analyst.
  • Must be a Long (Buy) recommendation.
  • Be no longer than five (5) pages in length, with font and margins to the individual's/team's discretion. 10-12 point font recommended.

The Report is advised to cover topics such as, but not limited to

  • Essential Company Information
    • Company name, ticker, sector, industry, current share price with historical performance and your recommendation with a price target.
  • Investment Summary
    • A thesis comprehensively synthesizing the report - typically covers main factors contributing to the individual/team's recommendation.
  • Business Description
    • Describe the company's business model and what it does. Topics to cover include but are not limited to: products/services, integration strategy, corporate structure, customers and supply chain.
  • Industry and Competitive Positioning
    • Outline and analyze the industry/sector's historical performance and its positioning in the stock market, and explain why it is favorable for the recommendation.
    • Outline and analyze the company's competitive advantages and positioning within the industry/sector.
  • Growth Factors, Key Directions and Catalysts
    • Analyze the company's growth strategies. Topics to cover may include but are not limited to M&A, R&D, domestic and/or multinational expansion.
    • Analyze the company's direction it's aiming towards. Is it looking to cover different products and services or serve different customers?
    • Cover possible catalysts that the company may be able to capitalize upon or where market inefficiency will be corrected.
  • Financial Analysis
    • Analyze the company's historical and current financial performance. Topics to cover may include but are not limited to: revenue, profit margins, cash flows, capital structure and market equity analysis.
    • In-depth valuations are not required; however, relative valuations (ratios) to support arguments are welcome, such as P/E, EV/EBITDA and P/S
  • Investment Risks
    • Describe and analyze the risks to your investment recommendation, as well as how the company will hedge against the risk. Topics to cover may include but are not limited to politics, the environment, operations, sector risk and market conditions.
  • Environmental/Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance (ESG)
    • How is the company governed? Topics to cover may include but are not limited to: the Board of Directors structure, shareholder rights and management structure/compensation. Strong governance typically allows for cohesive and well thought out movements.
    • Is the company environmentally/socially responsible? Companies that score well on ESG typically have a higher sustainability rate and are thus seen as much more attractive investment opportunities.

You may select any stock for consideration with the exception of stocks currently held by the RGIP portfolio. RGIP stock holdings include

    • Alibaba
    • Amarin
    • Amazon.Com
    • American Tower Corp
    • Berkshire Hathaway
    • Beyond Meat Inc
    • Celsius Holdings Inc
    • Central Garden & Pet Co
    • Crispr Therapeutics Ag
    • Five Below
    • Gw Pharmaceuticals
    • Hubspot Inc
    • Illumina Inc
    • L3harris Technologies Inc
    • Match Group Inc
    • Microsoft Corp
    • Nxp Semiconductors
    • Paypal Holdings Inc
    • Softbank Group Corp
    • Tencent Holdings
    • Topbuild Corp
    • Trade Desk Inc
    • Trimble Inc
    • Trulieve Cannabis Corp
    • Ulta Beauty Inc
    • Visa Inc
    • Zendesk Inc

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Cash Prizes

  • First Place - $750
  • Second Place - $500
  • Third Place - $300
  • Fourth Place - $100
  • Fifth Place - $100

Submit Your Report

Interested but not sure where to start? Email Matt Hurst, PhD, at [email protected] for more details.