illustration of a future city with windmills and train

Workshop: Analytics, Smart Cities, and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

1-Day Workshop

TBD 2018
Celebration, Fla.

The November 2017 workshop has been postponed to 2018. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please contact with any questions.

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Join us at Stetson University Center at Celebration for a one-day workshop exploring analytics, smart cities, and connected and autonomous vehicles.

Program Content

In our ever-changing world, technology has the ability to make our lives safer, more efficient and improve quality of life. This workshop discusses the data that drives these technological developments and the challenges and opportunities that are a part of creating a city of the future. 

Our experts will dive deep on the topics discussed below, share their thoughts and show how the success of these fields is intertwined. 


Speakers will discuss the current and the future value of analytics. As society becomes more technology and data-driven, the ability to understand, visualize and analyze analytics is also becoming increasingly necessary.

We explain how to use dashboards to create a visual approach to analytics and we will teach you the ability to use descriptive analytics to analyze dashboards, such as those in the software program Tableau.

Next, we will journey through predictive analytics,  where we learn the value of various types of analyses including regression, classification, clustering and how we appropriately associate data with the analyses.

Continuing with statistical data and analysis, we finish with how we make decisions based on prescriptive analysis, which helps optimize decisions.

This session will also include a discussion of how machine-learning works in big data, how to scale machine learning to modern challenges and how to incorporate enabling technologies and statistical analysis to make the data work for you!

Smart Cities

This session is specifically designed to answers questions many have when posed the question: what is a smart city and how do we become one? One thought on how to know if you are a smart city or not is to poke it with a stick and see if it reacts appropriately!

Joking aside, we are designing this session to give you information and know-how about what the essential elements of a smart city are and how a smart city needs to have sensing capabilities to detect both challenges and opportunities, both within and beyond the city limits.

  • What objectives can be addressed by a smart city?
  • What steps can be taken towards implementing a smart city?
  • How can smart city investment activities be coordinated?
  • How can the effects of smart city investments be evaluated?
  • What challenges and opportunities are associated with smart cities?
  • What is the sentient city concept?

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Connected and autonomous vehicles go hand-in-hand with Smart Cities. They are an essential component to decreasing the challenges of the residents to increase freedom of mobility, which can potentially increase job opportunities and local economies. Not to mention how much safer they will be! This session is designed to help you understand where we currently are with connected and autonomous vehicles, the difference between connected vs. autonomous vehicles and the future. Additionally, we will focus on the following topics:

  • How are electronics and information technology affecting the automobile?
  • Challenges associated with the connected vehicle
  • Challenges associated with the autonomous vehicle
  • How do connected and Autonomous Vehicles fit within a smart city?
  • How might connected and autonomous vehicles affect transportation?
  • What are the big data and analytics aspects of connected and autonomous vehicles?

Wrap Up

The last session will cover a broad scope of questions, opinions and topics. Our expert speakers will discuss current and future applications of data science in smart cities and connected vehicles. We will dive down deep on their thoughts regarding how these topics intertwine and are symbiotic.