Project Management Topics

Project Management Overview

  • Review C.A.P.M. credential requirements
  • Describe the exam specifics 
  • List study and exam tips
  • Review a list of formulas, equations and rules
  • Assess your own personal study needs
  • Define basic project management terms
  • Differentiate between projects, programs and portfolios
  • Identify project constraints
  • Describe organizational process assets
  • Describe enterprise environmental factors
  • Determine the pros and cons of different organizational structures

Project Management Processes and Domains

  • List the process groups
  • List the knowledge areas 
  • List the performance domains 
  • Describe the difference between phases and process groups
  • List aspirational and mandatory professional conduct standards

Project Scope Management

  • List tools and techniques to collect requirements
  • Identify components of a scope statement
  • Describe the purpose and uses of a W.B.S.
  • Distinguish between scope verification and quality control
  • Describe how variance analysis is used to control scope

Stakeholder Management

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Select attributes to assess
  • Conduct a stakeholder engagement assessment
  • List techniques to improve engagement of virtual stakeholders
  • Describe the project manager’s role in managing a stakeholder engagement

Project Schedule Management

  • Describe the process to plan a project schedule
  • Apply estimating techniques
  • Describe how an activity differs from a work package
  • Define 3 types of dependency relationships
  • Create a network diagram
  • Calculate the critical path
  • Define free float and total float
  • Describe techniques to shorten the project schedule

Project Cost Management

  • Define life cycle costing
  • Describe benefits of analogous, parametric and bottom-up estimating methods
  • Calculate an estimate using 3-point ranges
  • Define an S-curve
  • Distinguish between contingency reserve and management reserve
  • List measures of profitability
  • Define plan value (PV), actual cost (AC) earned value (EV)
  • Calculate cost variance (CV) and cost performance index (CPI)
  • Calculate schedule variance (SV) and schedule performance index (SPI)
  • Calculate estimate at completion (EAC) using three techniques
  • Evaluate earned value measurements to describe where the project stands

Project Quality Management

  • Distinguish between quality and grade
  • Identify who has responsibility for quality and what is management’s responsibility
  • List seven basic quality tools 
  • Give examples of the cost of conformance and the cost of non-conformance
  • Define quality audit
  • Distinguish between quality assurance and quality control

Project Resources Management

  • Describe the elements of a human resource management plan
  • Use a responsibility assignment matrix
  • Identify a project manager’s roles and responsibilities
  • Describe motivational theories
  • Define types of power
  • Describe various interpersonal skills that a project manager should develop
  • List techniques to manage conflict

Project Communications Management

  • Define components of a communications requirements analysis
  • Calculate the number of communication channels
  • Define interactive, push and pull communication methods
  • List potential contents of performance reports

Project Risk Management

  • Define the difference between risk-averse, risk-neutral and risk-seeking behavior
  • List components of a risk management plan
  • Describe risk categories
  • Define a risk register
  • Use a probability/impact matrix
  • Calculate expected monetary value
  • Define four basic responses to risks


  • Describe elements that may affect a make vs. buy decision
  • Differentiate between fixed price and cost reimbursable contracts
  • List items that may be included in procurement documents
  • Describe the role of the contract administrator
  • List three reasons for early termination of a contract

Project Integration Management

  • Define the purpose and contents of the project charter
  • Describe the difference between a schedule and the project management plan
  • Distinguish between a configuration management system and a change control system
  • Identify elements of closing a project

Project Management and Final Exam Review

  • Review study and exam tips
  • Review formulas, equations and rules
  • Assess your own personal study needs 
  • Review exam post-test results
  • Group-project presentations
  • Course debrief and evaluations