PMP Success Stories

"The Stetson University project management course, Effective Project Management, was excellent. The class was organized into groups and each group was assigned a capstone project that enabled us to apply the principles that we learned throughout the program. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and was particularly effective in drawing out the experiences of the class and in encouraging participation. I can see numerous applications to the work I am currently doing."

John L., Engineer for an irrigation systems company

"I loved every bit of my project management training and hope to take all of the other course offerings in this area. The flow of the course was logical and topics were built upon each other. The pace was just right for the material we covered and the content was especially relevant to my work applications."

Lynda H., Manager in the Orlando attractions industry

"I liked everything about the course and found the activities especially worthwhile: the work breakdown structure activity, the email/communications activity, the critical path formula activity. They helped keep the class relevant and provided new skills that will help with my current duties and responsibilities."

Joe K., Designer in the Orlando attractions industry

"Although I am new to project management, I found the entire course to be delivered at a level where both experienced and novice project managers could gain much from it. The instructor was particularly effective in helping me and the others understand and comprehend the content. The program was very helpful to me personally because my group selected a project that is much like one I may soon be working on, allowing me to gain insights that will be particularly on target."

Mike S., New to project management

"One of the most beneficial parts of the course was [the] instructor's ability to tie practical "textbook" information to relevant real-world case studies in project management. The whole program is customized to today's fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, and I was able to immediately apply concepts learned in the course to my everyday work."

Craig F., Project Manager, business and technology industry; theme park industry

"The program is excellent. I took it through a WorkForce Central Florida grant. The instructors are knowledgeable and can demonstrate how project management principles can be applied to real situations. They use the experiences of class members to reinforce and amplify their points. They keep the training interesting and engaging. I feel confident that I can apply what I am learning. More importantly: This training and confidence recently paid off when I got a job! I'm working at a firm that does project management! I'm excited not only to be employed, but to be able to contribute immediately to my new firm. Thanks Stetson! I appreciate all you have done for me!"

Marta S., Business Process Specialist with a large financial company