Certificate in Nonprofit Management

  • $699
  • 44 Hours Estimated Length
  • Self-Paced Online
  • Access: One Year
  • 4.4 CEUs/35 HRCIs

Gain the tools that you need to effectively make decisions in the non-profit space and gain knowledge from successful non-profit leaders.

Who Is It For?

Our comprehensive non-profit management courses help to build the skills required to successfully operate and contribute to a non-profit organization. From effective board and volunteer development to strategic and tactical budgeting to the fundamentals of non-profit organizations, the skills taught in our non-profit management courses offer comprehensive training that will make you a more effective non-profit professional.

Learning Outcomes

Each three to five hour, self-paced course offers an assortment of interactive exercises, selected readings, case studies, and self-assessments that will engage you and help you practice effective decision making in a non-profit setting. Throughout the courses, video commentary gives you insight into how various non-profit professionals apply key concepts in their own organizations.

After completing all the courses, learners will engage in a simulation meant to test the concepts covered.

The 11 courses that encompass this certificate address the following non-profit management topics

  • Fundraising
  • Strategic budgeting
  • Running a successful capital campaign
  • Grant writing
  • How to read a non-profit financial statement
  • Leadership in the non-profit sector
  • Social media for non-profits
  • Board and volunteer development

Add the non-profit management approach to your management toolbox and become more marketable and more valuable to your organization.

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