Certificate in Negotiation

  • $199
  • 10 Hours Estimated Length
  • Self-Paced Online
  • Access: One Year
  • 1 CEUs / 10 HRCIs / 7 PDUs

We all negotiate every day. And even though negotiations are an integral part of our lives, techniques for managing these situations are not always instinctive; they must be learned.

Who Is It For?

This course is designed to help executives, managers and other potential deal-makers learn the essential strategies and skills for conducting successful business negotiations.

Learning Outcomes

This online certificate program helps you develop the skills and strategies needed to become a successful negotiator. The fundamental concepts of negotiation are addressed, as well as the application of these concepts to the specific areas of deal-making and dispute settlement negotiations.

Video commentary provides learners with practical insights on translating the principles of negotiation into real-world bargaining success.

Certificate courses include

  • Introduction to Negotiations
  • Negotiations: Making Business Deals
  • Negotiations: Resolving Disputes

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