Managing Remote Employees

  • $79
  • 3 Hours Estimated Length
  • Self-Paced Online
  • Access: One Year
  • .3 CEUs/3 PDUs

Companies are embracing the idea of employing remote workers. Learn the best methods for hiring, developing, motivating and retaining employees from a distance.

Who Is It For?

This course is for managers wishing to increase their understanding of the advantages and drawbacks of remote work and provide their remote workers with resources to stay connected and motivated.

Learning Outcomes

While there are many advantages to remote work for both the company and the individual, managers must be aware of the challenges that can arise when employing remote workers. In this course, you will

  • Consider some of the myths surrounding remote work
  • Identify the top challenges when it comes to leading remote employees
  • Discuss best practices for hiring and onboarding remote employees
  • Explore ways to develop remote workers
  • Consider how to effectively communicate with remote employees
  • Develop strategies for providing feedback to remote workers
  • Identify ways to motivate and connect with remote employees

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