Lean Basics

Self-Paced Online

10 hours

1.0 CEUs | 10 PDUs

Program Fee:


“I truly enjoyed taking this course. I can use the tools and materials provided by this course and apply them to the ongoing success of my company.”

Whether through normal industry fluctuations or coronavirus, many businesses are facing uncertainty. In this course, you will learn organizational strategies to minimize waste and increase your business value, allowing you to weather changes with confidence.

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Who Is It For?

While the concept of "Lean" originated in manufacturing, lean has expanded to other industries like service as leaders see the organizational benefits. This course benefits anyone involved in the decision-making processes of their organization

Learning Outcomes

Lean combines the twin goals of increasing output and reducing costs with the important aspect of respect for the organization's people. Throughout the course, lean experts speak about the role of investing in their people and building trust amongst stakeholders on the path to more efficient and sustainable operations.

Key learning outcomes include:

  • Identify the key principles and practices of an effective Lean approach
  • Describe the benefits that a Lean application can provide to organizations, supply chains, and value streams
  • Assess the impact of culture in Lean environments
  • Illustrate the role that just-in-time and jidoka standards play in Lean implementation
  • Formulate strategies for eliminating the waste and non-value-added activities in work systems and processes
  • Explain how the interconnectivity of Lean concepts leads to continuous advancement and breakthrough improvements in the workplace

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