Certificate in Leadership

  • $199
  • 20 Hours Estimated Length
  • Self-Paced Online
  • Access: One Year
  • 2 CEU's/17 HRCI's/20 PDU's

Leadership is at the core of an organization's ability to adapt to operate effectively. Providing vision, managing change, leading teams, creating work-life balance - effective leadership skills will help you accomplish your goals, both personally and professionally.

Who Is It For?

If you wish to increase your skills as a comprehensive leader and business professional, this certificate is for you. You'll learn how to effectively enact change in your organization and see your natural talents and charisma transformed into leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes

What makes a good leader? How do you encourage change without triggering resistance? How do you handle team dynamics and politics? By the end of this certificate program, you'll be prepared to answer those questions, and more.

Courses in this certificate include

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Leaders and Work-Life Balance
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Leading Teams
  • Body Language for Leaders

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