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Instructor-led Workshops

Our programs for individuals offers you the opportunity to advance your career, close skills gaps and increase your professional worth. Courses ranging from targeted hard skills to more strategic soft disciplines are taught through a combination of our own talented Stetson faculty, adjunct professors and subject matter experts. Courses are designed to be interactive and engaging delivered live via online or in the classroom.

These non-credit, certificate-based courses will prepare you and your organization for what you both need to succeed. Whether you are an individual contributor, manager of a team or small business owner, you'll find something that will elevate your personal and professional value for long-term career success.


21st Century Leadership - Leading and Learning Through Context$695

  • Live - Online
  • 12 Hours
  • 1.2 CEUs
  • Starts October 20

The Contextual Leadership methodology is a powerful process used to guide individuals through a personal re-invention experience that will enable them to achieve breakthrough results both personally and professionally. At its heart is a profound understanding of the role that a person's context and past plays in shaping their perception, attitudes, behaviors and results. Have you ever known what to do but you still don't do it?

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Grow Forward - A Certification in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion$995

  • Hybrid Format In-Person and Online
  • 8 Hours
  • 0.8 CEUs
  • Starts February 3, 2022

Building an inclusive culture requires both learning and unlearning, and this course will actively help diverse adult learners grow forward with critical awareness and expanded skill sets.

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Intro to Design Thinking Workshop$99

  • In-Person Workshop
  • 3 Hours
  • 0.3 CEUs
  • Starts November 6

During this short three-hour workshop, our faculty team of design experts will introduce you to the basics of Design Thinking and the key principles of empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping and testing solutions to problems. Lunch and networking included!

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