Keynote Speakers

Brandon Wolf

Brandon Wolf is the Vice President of The Dru Project, an LGBTQ+ advocacy organization on a mission to spread love across the nation and promote gay straight alliances. The organization was founded in response to the tragedy that took place at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where Christopher Andrew Leinonen (Drew) and his partner Juan Ramon Guerrero were among the 49 killed. Brandon met Drew in 2013, when they spent an evening debating the U.S. healthcare system over Chinese food. For the next 3 years, they traveled the country together, went to music festivals and enjoyed unwinding from work weeks together. Brandon spent Drew’s last night on Earth with him, dancing and celebrating as always. Brandon moved to Orlando in 2008 after attending the University of Oregon for political science. He now lives in Tallahassee, where he has become a leading activist for LGBTQ issues and minority youth. Following the Pulse tragedy, Brandon has been inspired by Drew’s words: “We never say ‘I love you’ enough.” He travels the nation speaking on behalf of LGBTQ+ youth education, common sense gun legislation and the future of intersectionality, spreading a message of unconditional love and inclusion.

Heather Wilkie

Heather Wilkie is the Executive Director of the Zebra Coalition, a network of community organizations that provide services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and all youth. Following the tragic Pulse shooting, the Zebra Coalition evolved as a leading organization in the community's provision of services to victims and their families, and Wilkie continues to lead these efforts to ensure that LGBT+ youth in Central Florida have a safe space to turn. Wilkie serves on the Taskforce for the LGBTQ Alliance, a group of appointed LGBTQ organizations and community leaders formed to address our community’s needs as a result of the Pulse shooting. Wilkie is an experienced executive leader in the non-profit sector with over thirteen years of personal commitment and dedication to community service. A dynamic and energetic advocate for global change and equality, Wilkie contributes a strong passion for social justice. Prior to joining the Zebra Coalition, Wilkie served as chief operating officer for the leading Central Florida domestic violence organization, Harbor House. During that time, she was chair of the LGBT+ Caucus with the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, where she led a statewide initiative to enhance services for LGBT+ survivors of abuse. Wilkie holds a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Rollins College.