Emergency Management Prep Course

Self-Paced Online

30 hours

3 CEUs

Program Fee:


Emergency managers play a critical role in protecting communities at the local, state, tribal and national levels. Learn about emergency management issues, including resource management, emergency operations plans, communication concerns and the impact of U.S. laws while preparing to test for your Associate Emergency Manager (AEM) or Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) credential, a job requirement for many emergency manager positions.

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Who Is It For?

This course is designed for emergency management professionals seeking the AEM or CEM credential. Throughout the course, you can gauge your readiness with two full-length practice exams, which mirror the real AEM/CEM exam.

Please note that this course cannot be used to meet the AEM/CEM emergency management or general management training requirements at this time.

Learning Outcomes

The AEM®/CEM® Prep Course was designed in partnership with the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM). The course walks learners through submitting an application and offers essay writing tips. Primarily, the course reviews key terms and concepts that may appear on the AEM/CEM exam.

  • Assess eligibility for either credential and begin preparing an application
  • Solidify foundational knowledge of emergency management concepts
  • Recognize how laws and authorities shape emergency management
  • Identify key activities that occur during each phase of emergency management
  • Explain the components of emergency program management

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