Real-World Cybersecurity Scenarios

  • $399
  • 40 Hours Estimated Length
  • Self-Paced Online
  • Access: One Year
  • 3 CEUs/30 PDUs

Gain an understanding of the ever-expanding computer information security industry through a combination of knowledge-building and real-world scenario modules. From cryptography to threat and vulnerability scenarios, we will prepare you to protect your business or learn your way into a new career field.

Who Is It For?

This certificate is designed for adult learners who are interested in gaining an introduction to information technology security through the lens of real-world scenarios. Whether you are an IT veteran interested in honing your skills through these cybersecurity scenarios or a professional beginning to learn the industry, this certificate has something to offer.

Some understanding of basic IT concepts is helpful.

Learning Outcomes

This certificate helps refine and enhance the skills that cybersecurity and IT professionals need. The concepts and principles covered focus attention on the needs of the expanding computer information security industry.

The six courses in this certificate are self-paced and contain interactive games, real-world examples, expert videos, quizzes, assessments and focused instruction.

Courses in this certificate program include

  • Network Security Scenarios
  • Cryptography Scenarios
  • Compliance and Operational Security Scenarios
  • Threats and Vulnerabilities Scenarios
  • Application, Data and Host Security Scenarios
  • Access Control and Identity Management Scenarios

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