Custom Workshops

While many of your employees may take advantage of our individual course offerings, there may be an instance where a group of team members will need upskilling in a specific area - all at the same time. In these situations, our team of faculty and subject matter experts will sit down with you to fully understand the learning gaps to develop a custom curriculum using your business situations to solve your problems.

Our goal is to work with you to enhance the talents and skillsets of your organization - from new hires to senior-level managers. It all starts with a discovery phone call so we can build a program that best meets your needs.

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These custom workshops can be delivered at your place of business, on our campus or even online - whatever works best to achieve your goals. Examples of custom courses include

  • Customer Service Workshops
  • General Business and Operations
  • Technology Refreshers
  • Advanced Sales Training
  • Improving Phone Skills
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Team Building
  • Creativity and Brainstorming Workshops
  • Leadership and Management Training