Online Training for Organizations

Some companies we work with will often choose to send groups of team members through one of the professional development courses as part of their training or on-boarding processes. A curated list of courses frequently taken by company groups is below and ranges from broad business acumen to targeted hard skills and other more strategic soft disciplines.

Employees can access these online, self-paced courses at any time, allowing for a balance between their existing responsibilities and training for the future.

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Certificate in Business Communications

Self-Paced Online / 2.5 CEUs / 15 HRCIs / 25 PDUs

Estimated Length: 25 hours

This five-course certificate offers instruction on crafting many of the most common business communication formats: memos, reports, brochures, proposals, presentations, catalogs and websites. Topics include formal and informal outlining techniques, using email appropriately in an organizational setting and revising for wordiness, unnecessary phrases, redundancy and jargon.

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Certificate in Managing Change and Resolving Conflict

Self-Paced Online / 3.1 CEUs / 32 HRCIs / 25 PDUs

Estimated Length: 31.5 hours

This Certificate in Managing Change and Resolving Conflict covers the key issues and best practices for managers dealing with contentious situations in the workplace. Each of the seven courses in this suite offers examples, videos from practitioners, interactive games and review questions to ensure mastery of the material.

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Certificate in Negotiation

Self-Paced Online / 1 CEUs / 10 HRCIs / 7 PDUs

Estimated Length: 10 hours

This online certificate program helps you develop the skills and strategies needed to become a successful negotiator. The fundamental concepts of negotiation are addressed, as well as the application of these concepts to the specific areas of deal-making negotiation and dispute settlement negotiation.

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Leading and Managing Change

Self-Paced Online / .4 CEUs / 4 HRCIs / 4 PDUs

Estimated Length: 4 hours

Managers play a fundamental role in successfully effecting change across an organization, and meanwhile, humans, by nature, will often resist change out of fear of the unknown. This course addresses the key issues managers face in a dynamic environment.

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Managing Remote Employees

Self-Paced Online / .3 CEUs / 3 HRCIs / 3 PDUs

Estimated Length: 3 hours

Companies are embracing the idea of employing remote workers who can provide a diverse range of skills and viewpoints without being bound by location. This course explores the benefits and drawbacks of remote work and provides managers with tips for helping their remote workers stay connected and motivated.

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Optimizing Operations and Managing Crises

Self-Paced Online / .3 CEUs / 3 HRCIs

Estimated Length: 3 hours

This course discusses business operations and crisis management using Inc. Magazine's prize-winning editorial content to provide practical, hands-on advice to entrepreneurs and small-business professionals. The course includes a complimentary one-year subscription to Inc. Magazine, beginning with the current issue. 

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Security Awareness Training

Self-Paced Online / .2 CEUs / 2 HRCIs

Estimated Length: 2 hours

This course teaches your employees to identify and prevent security breaches before they happen. This comprehensive training spans the facets of security awareness from in-office to remote security, email to phishing attacks, malware to ransomware, cloud to social media and more.

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