21st Century Leadership

Leading and Learning from Context

  • $695
  • 12 Hours Estimated Length
  • Virtual Online
  • Classes begin October 20, 2021
  • 1.2 CEUs

A person's context is the unconscious mindset from which they operate. It is shaped by their personal experiences and the conclusions drawn from those experiences. Those conclusions are masquerading as facts and significantly impacting their behavior and actions.

The Contextual Leadership methodology is a powerful process used to guide individuals through a personal re-invention experience that will enable them to achieve breakthrough results both personally and professionally. At its heart is a profound understanding of the role that a person's context and past plays in shaping their perception, attitudes, behaviors and results. Have you ever known what to do but you still don't do it?

Who Is It For?

This series is designed for business owners, managers, and individual contributors looking for what’s next, wanting to elevate their current success, or interested in how to resolve an issue.

What Others are Saying

"Contextual Leadership helped me see what was at play (unknown) in the background, shaping my interactions and effectiveness. I was able to shift the context from which I operated intentionally, and get in the driver’s seat of what I wanted to create for the office. My own transformation with my team was so powerful that I wanted my leaders to have the same access to effectiveness. We held several Contextual Leadership workshops with my executive and supervisory teams, with incredible results. Imagine, a “training” that managers and supervisors continue to request more of...unbelievable! Contextual Leadership is the most powerful methodology I’ve encountered for taking effective action."
Laura Roth, Clerk of Courts, Volusia County

Learning Outcomes

In this course, participants will

  • Shift the context from which you operate and regain control of what you want for yourself and your organization
  • Learn how to reframe and resolve challenges, 
  • See where they are limited or constrained in their own view of themselves and their businesses
  • Discover their own blind spots that may be altering their view of reality
  • Change the "lens" by which you see yourself and others
  • Better understand those behaviors and attitudes that are getting in the way of what you value

Workshop Format – Live Online Sessions

This course is designed to be presented in an online learning format through six, two-hour virtual instructor-led sessions. 

Course Dates and Outline

All sessions will meet online on consecutive Wednesdays at 3-5 p.m.

Session One - Octrober 20

Introducing the Contextual Leadership Methodology

  • The Power of Context
  • Identifying the origins of your prevailing context
  • Distinguishing Facts from Conclusions
  • Examine the upside and downside of that context and identify any unintended consequences

Session Two - October 27

  • Identify the impact and results of past behaviors and actions
  • Conversations that create partnership and alignment
  • Discover the seven physiological differences between the brains of men and women
  • Explore the hidden context behind your views of men and women
  • Examine the advantages and disadvantages of a dominant culture

Session Three - November 3

First open coaching call - All students are provided this session to discuss any issues relevant to their leadership journey.

Session Four - November 10

Design and create a new context that inspires you, empowers you, and gives you more freedom

  • Sustain - Development of practices to sustain the new context
  • Engage – Identify the people around you to support your new context and learn how to enlist them
  • Creating a breakthrough project - conditions of satisfaction

Session Five - November 17

Second open coaching call – Practical application of methodology to real-life issues

Session Six - November 24

Participants will be coached to define a project that will make a real and lasting difference in their lives and organizations. 

  • Creating a vision of the future
  • Communicating with impact
  • Creating a compelling value proposition
  • Creating shared goals
  • Gaining cooperation
  • Raising and resolving issues

Using the Contextual Leadership methodology, participants will leave the program having created the outcomes and early actions to have their project gain immediate traction.

Meet the Instructor

Susan Rink headshot.jpeg

Susan Elliott-Rink has invested thousands of hours in mastering a transformational approach to living and leading. This includes 25+ years of developing and delivering life-altering programs to more than 40,000 people around the world, specializing in Corporate Culture, Women’s Leadership, Gender Partnership, Unconscious Bias and Leadership Development.

Allinium is based in Ocala, FL with a nationwide client base. Susan is committed to making these high-caliber, world-class trainings available to our local Central Florida business community.

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