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Big Data Conference: Bridging the Transportation Operations Gap

The June offering of the Big Data Conference has been canceled. If you have any questions, please call Midge McDaniel at 321-939-7619.

Program Content

TSMO - Transportation Systems Management and Operations

Speakers will discuss the current ongoing challenges as well as provide an overview of TSMO. TSMO includes traffic incident management, traffic signal coordination, freeway management and all management of transportation systems. Our experts will perform a deep dive into TSMO to provide participants with a solid foundational understanding of TSMO as well as a look at the future.

Big Data and Analytics

Speakers will discuss the current and the future value of analytics. As society becomes more technology and data-driven, the ability to understand, visualize and analyze data is also becoming increasingly necessary. We explain how to use dashboards to create a visual approach to analytics, and we will teach you the ability to use descriptive analytics to analyze dashboards, such as those in the software program Tableau. Next, we will journey through predictive analytics, where we learn the value of various types of analyses including regression, classification, clustering and how we appropriately associate data with the analyses. Continuing with statistical data and analysis, we finish with how we can make decisions based on prescriptive analysis, which helps optimize decisions. This session will also include a discussion of how machine-learning works in big data, how to scale machine learning to modern challenges and how to incorporate enabling technologies and statistical analysis to make the data work for you!

TSMO + Big Data and Analytics

How does data fit into TSMO? Our experts provide that insight as well as give practical, real-world examples of how data will be essential to understanding transportation systems operations in the future.

Get What You Want

Ever felt like you hit a brick wall when trying to decide on a project or gain traction on a current idea? Speakers will discuss the process of how you can get what you want!