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Graduate Business Program Policies

The Stetson University M.B.A. program has a number of policies which you should make sure you are aware of. These will be reiterated at the orientation session. For an overview of all M.B.A. policies, procedures and helpful information, please see the resource guide below.

Foundation Requirements

The graduate business programs require a basic foundation in business administration courses. Foundation requirements may be satisfied by courses taken at institutions accredited by the appropriate regional association. Coursework taken by applicants as part of their undergraduate curriculum may be applied to the foundation requirements if the coursework is comparable and if the applicant earned a course grade of a C or higher. After admission to a graduate program at Stetson, any foundation course may be satisfied by completion of a comparable course credit from an institution accredited by the appropriate regional association.

Transfer of Credits

Advanced course requirements are ordinarily to be taken at Stetson. The following general policy will be applied by all directors of graduate business programs when awarding graduate transfer credit:

  • A maximum of six hours of graduate credit is transferrable into a graduate degree program. Transfer credit hours are not permitted for Stetson joint degree programs except from the partner school.
  • Only business or economics courses taken at an AACSB-accredited university and in which the student earned a grade of B or above are eligible for transfer. Pass/fail and internship courses are not eligible for transfer credit.
  • Courses may not be transferred from a previously completed degree program.
  • Graduate credit must have prior approval by the director of the graduate program and the appropriate department chair. Students may be required to present course descriptions and/or course syllabi for review.
  • The director of the graduate program, in consultation with the appropriate department chair(s), will determine if a
    course is the equivalent of a current graduate program advanced requirement. If the course is not determined to be equivalent, the course may be given credit as a graduate elective, if approved by the director of the graduate program.

Time Limitations

All courses toward the M.B.A. Program, including transferred courses, must be completed within eight years of the first enrollment as a graduate student at Stetson. The student who is unable to complete all degree requirements within this time may appeal to the Graduate Committee of the School of Business Administration for an extension.


Inability to attend a session (fully or in part) results in a substantial loss of contact hours and the portion of the knowledge base being covered. While the final determination of student knowledge and proficiency rests with each individual faculty member, the following attendance policy should be followed unless specific exception is made.

  • It is the student's responsibility to contact the professor teaching the class at least 72 hours before that class for any absence if known. While we try to be flexible with regard to business issues and certainly emergencies, the schedule was provided to you in the beginning of the program, and absences should be for unusual and infrequent reasons.
  • Contact with the professor does not constitute acceptance of the fact and forgiveness of the material. It is up to the student to address the consequences of each absence with the individual faculty. If that faculty wishes to allow for makeup of the material, all such arrangement must be initiated by the student and agreed upon by that faculty member. Agreement for the absence does not mean that the student is absolved of responsibility for the material. Even though the student makes up all the assignments, the course grade may still be affected (due to lack of participation, etc).
  • The individual faculty policies with regard to attendance and grading are specifically stated in their syllabus.

The criteria outlined above are the basic policy. It is left to the discretion of the individual faculty member to determine what specific requirements may be required. Read each course syllabi carefully for any additional comments.

Grading Policy and Minimum GPA

Grades assigned to students in graduate programs of the School of Business Administration are as follows:

  • A - Distinction;
  • B - Quality expected of graduate students;
  • C - Below graduate standards;
  • D - Not accepted for graduate credit;
  • F - Failure.

At the faculty member's discretion, plusses and minuses may be used to further refine a student's grade. Undergraduate foundation courses, completed at an institution other than the Stetson University School of Business Administration, in which a grade of D or F was earned, must be retaken. Successful completion of all graduate programs in the School of Business Administration requires that the student earn a minimum of 3.0 overall GPA in all advanced level courses.

A student who completes all required advanced level courses with an overall GPA lower than a 3.0 may petition the director of the appropriate graduate program for permission to retake a maximum of two courses in which a grade of less than B was earned. The new grade will replace the one originally earned. Any graduate student receiving a D or F in an advanced level class will be dismissed from the program. A dismissed student may apply for re-admission after a one-year absence from the program, but is not guaranteed acceptance.

A Post-Baccalaureate student enrolled in the School of Business Administration must earn a C or higher in all foundation courses. A Post-Baccalaureate student who fails to earn a C or better in any foundation course will not be permitted to enroll in future courses in the School of Business Administration.

A graduate student enrolled in advanced level courses who maintains an overall 3.0 GPA is considered to be in good academic standing. A student who falls below an overall 3.0 GPA will be placed on academic probation. A student who does not attain a 3.0 overall GPA after two consecutive terms on probation will be dismissed from the program.

Graduate Academic Withdrawals

If an enrolled graduate student wishes to withdraw from the University, dropping all courses and leaving campus, he or she must comply with the withdrawal process described below. Withdrawal covers all course enrollments for a given registration period regardless of their meeting schedule. The policy for dropping an individual course is described elsewhere in the Catalog (see Change of Registration (Drop/Add).

Students who leave the University without proper permission automatically suspend themselves and can be re-admitted only by special approval of the Dean of the appropriate College or School. A grade of F is recorded for all courses when a student leaves without prior approved withdrawal.

See the University Catalog for further details on the withdrawal process.

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

The dictionary defines plagiarism as "...stealing and using the ideas of another as one's own." Since much of the academic process involves research and writing, the temptation to plagiarize cannot be ignored. To that end, plagiarism will not be tolerated in Stetson University's M.B.A. program under any circumstances. The most blatant form, taking credit in an assignment or exam for work done by another, will be dealt with harshly at the discretion of the faculty member responsible for that course. Rewriting another author's work so that it is not a direct quote is still considered plagiarism.

Code of Conduct

Stetson University students are expected to meet the highest professional standards. The Honor Pledge is at the heart of the Honor System at Stetson University. The Honor Pledge is a promise to abide by the highest standards of integrity and honesty in academic work.

Resource Guide

This resource guide should provide you with an overview of all the policies, procedures and general information which is relevant specifically to the graduate business programs.

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