Business International Programs

College is the perfect time for students to invest themselves in unique, enriching study abroad experiences. Businesses are looking for potential employees with cross-cultural knowledge and understanding. Not only will these opportunities give students a competitive edge in the workforce, they will provide them with the opportunity to grow personally and academically.


cuban city with horse and carriages

Spend a week in Cuba with Lou Paris to learn about the different ideologies concerning historical injustices and fairness. Engage in thought-provoking conversations about how these historical issues will affect Cuba in the future.


mountains in the background of a many buildings

This 6-week program gives students the chance to fulfill academic requirements in finance, entrepreneurship, accounting and more, while also providing time to explore this culturally enriching environment.


long bridge over water into invernes city

This is a multi-university faculty-led program including professors from Stetson, Jacksonville, and Utah Valley University all congregating in Inverness, Scotland to teach students economics, management and marketing as the relate to the international community.



Spend July 6-19,2018 in Xi'an and Beijing with Dr. Rachel Core and Dr. Jennifer Foo to study either International Business or Sociology. These courses will examine the effects of globalization and the changes to social inequality as a result of China's growing economy.