Business Ethics Competition Team


The mission of the Stetson University Business Ethics Initiative is to foster the development of future leaders who are committed to integrity and ethical and social responsibility.

Fall 2019 Update

With the Fall 2019 semester underway, our students are preparing for two ethics case competitions. All team members competed in our annual intramural competition, the Stetson Intramural Business Ethics Case Competition in September. Congratulations to the team of Zach Blum, Jimmy Dean and Clyde Tucker for receiving first place and the team of Rebecca Hett and John-Michael Liontas for receiving second! We will also be sending a two-person team to compete in the 2019 Collegiate Ethics Case Competition at the University of Arizona in October. In the Spring 2020 semester, our teams will compete in competitions at Georgetown University, the University of Washington and Loyola Marymount University.

Meet the Team

Mackenzie Nalven, senior, management and psychology major
“I firmly believe that ethics is, and will continue to be, a significant part of my life and career. Therefore, I joined the Stetson Business Ethics Case Competition team so I would be exposed to real-life ethical dilemmas and learn how to properly address them. I am interested in industrial-organizational psychology and organizational development because I want to help organizations in a variety of aspects (e.g., job satisfaction, training, recruitment, etc.), and I would love to share what I have learned about ethics by implementing ethical training programs. During my junior year at Stetson, I competed at University of Arizona's Collegiate Ethics Case Competition and the International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition at Loyola Marymount University. My experience on the ethics team has been incredible, as I have been fortunate to learn from the bright minds on the team and our amazing advisors, Drs. Beasley, Tichenor, and Vogel. I cannot wait to witness the continued growth of this program!”

Jimmy Dean, senior, economics and finance major
"I have been looking for a way to apply my communication and presentation skills in a formal competitive setting. I am very excited about the upcoming competition!"

Stewart Schmidt, junior, accounting and finance major
"I am motivated to be an ethical leader within Stetson University by the role models and teammates that I am surrounded by. I want to carry that legacy that strong student leaders are leaving for those behind them. I strive to be an individual who is seen as someone who is always doing the right thing when no one is looking, always respectful and, therefore, is set up for the greatest of success. I am looking forward to competing with the team again."

Isabelle Ghofrani, junior, management major
“Doing the right thing has been a passion of mine from a young age - so much so that my friends would often joke around about me being a rule-follower. All jokes aside though, there's something to be said about doing the right thing. In addition to improving myself as a student and a leader, I hope that being on the business ethics team will force me to think critically and prepare me for the situations I'll face in the professional world when ethics come into question. In today's society, ethics are extremely undervalued. Too often, people skirt around rules and make decisions without considering all options - or most importantly, the right option. As a college student, I hope to lead by example and motivate my peers to carry themselves with integrity, both inside and outside of the classroom. Furthermore, as a management major who hopes to hold a leadership position in a company after graduation, I hope to also lead by ethical example in whatever work environment I end up in.”

Abigail Jagos, junior, accounting major
"I wanted to join the Business Ethics Case Competition Team to expand my knowledge on ethical issues facing business and to be able to enhance my public speaking, critical thinking, and teamwork skills. Pursuing a career in accounting, I understand the importance of ethics and integrity and I believe that being on the team will set me up for success in this area in the future."

John-Michael Liontas, junior, finance and business administration major
“I am studying finance and business administration, with aspirations of attending law school. I believe that a background in business will benefit both my professional and personal life. I plan on practicing law for quite some time before entering the Judiciary if the opportunity presents itself. I am grateful for all that Stetson has helped me to achieve, and my time with the Business Ethics Case Competition Team has been invaluable. I am glad to have the opportunity to grow with the team and to use my experience to make an actual difference in my current and future communities.”

Gregory Moore, junior, business systems and analytics major
"Growing up, I was never afraid of public speaking. I was the kid who raised their hand to read out loud and I was the kid who loved show-and-tell. As I got older, that passion never stopped, and coming to Stetson I learned to take my natural talent of presenting and speaking and combine it with professionalism and analysis. I am excited to see what my talents will bring to the team."

Clyde Tucker, junior, business administration major
“At the beginning of each academic year, Stetson encourages us to sign the Academic Honor Code. I value my ethics highly, and when I sign my name, I am attaching my word to what I am signing, promising my performance through ethical behavior. I have seen considerable verbal contracts of monetary value agreed to on a handshake agreement, and as I move into the professional business world, I want to be known as a person where my name is known for ethical behavior, well before business is conducted.”

Kaley Urban, junior, sports business and sales major
“I decided to try out for the ethics team after taking the business ethics class with Dr. Beasley. It easily became one of my favorite classes I have taken so far. I hope to apply everything I learned throughout the class and on the team as I work towards my JD/MBA post-graduation. I feel that although legal does not mean ethical and vice versa, they do go hand and hand. I want to work in law in the realm of sports, whether it is for the MLBPA or working for a sports law firm.”

Zachary Blum, sophomore, international business major
“I wanted to join the business ethics team to further my professional presenting skills and learn how to mitigate ethical issues within business. I know that doing the right thing will always yield the greatest results.”

Joshua Finkelstein, sophomore, accounting major
“Trust is the backbone to any relationship. To build trust, whether that be in the professional world with colleagues and clients, or in one's own personal life with friends and family, requires good ethical intent. The Business Ethics Case Competition Team allows me to learn and expand what it means to be ethical. I hope to take the values from my time on the team and use it in my future career endeavors as well as my time here at Stetson.”

Rebecca Hett, sophomore, management major
“I am pursuing a career in Human Resources so it is vital that every decision I make maximizes the ethical practices of the business. The Stetson Business Ethics Case Competition team allows me to explore different ethical dilemmas and learn how to navigate these complex spaces. This year I will be competing in the Eller Collegiate Case Competition in October 2019.”

Guy Levy, sophomore, finance major
“The career path I want to pursue is the finance field. I find finance to be one of the most interesting areas to learn about, especially the stock market. The amount of companies I've recently learned about is unbelievable, you typically only hear of major companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, etc but there are millions and millions more that most people have never heard about. There is so much to learn and I continue to teach myself new things every day.”

Willem Slater, sophomore, business administration major
“I hope to be remembered as open-minded and unapologetic of who I am. I live each day pushing myself to better understand the world, where I fit in, and how I can lead a fulfilling life in whichever ways that may be. No, this isn't a cakewalk, but I have to say, there's something special about being productively & positively uncomfortable. What it is, I can't say for certain, but it sure does keep me sharp, and I'm very grateful for opportunities such as these. That said, I'm proud to be a member of the Business Ethics Case Competition Team.”

Competition Results

2017-18 Competition Results

Megan Christopher, Alex Overdijking, Nathaniel Diamond and Regis Stieghner Second Place in full presentation and First Place in 10-minute presentation - 2018 International Business Ethics Case Competition
Will Giberson and Nate Smith  Third Place - 2017 Collegiate Ethics Case Competition at the University of Arizona

2018-19 Competition Results


Mackenzie Nalven and Nate Smith

Fourth Place - 2018 Collegiate Ethics Case Competition at the University of Arizona

Nathaniel Diamond, Jimmy Dean, Mackenzie Nalven and Stewart Schmidt 

Second Place in full and 10-minute presentation and First Place in 90-second presentation – 2019 International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition

Get Involved

No matter your major, no matter your professional aspirations, the Stetson University Business Ethics Case Competition Team welcomes you to experience what our team has to offer. At the end of this semester, we invite students of all majors, freshmen through juniors, to try out for our highly competitive team. If you want to see improvement in your presentation skills, critical thinking abilities and overall business professionalism, we are just what you have been looking for. See you in April!

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