Business Ethics Competition Team


The mission of the Stetson University Business Ethics Initiative is to foster the development of future leaders who are committed to integrity and ethical and social responsibility.

Spring 2019 Update

Partnering alongside the Better Business Bureau of West Florida, we currently compete in four business ethics and business strategy competitions each year. As a collective body, we serve our community by giving back at our annual business ethics case competition, the Templeton Invitational.

As we speak, the spring semester is getting underway and our students are preparing to compete at Georgetown University, the University of Washington and Loyola Marymount University.

Meet the Team

Nate Smith

"Ever since I was a kid, my dad made it a point to ingrain a desire to always put people above profit. I knew that I had to find a place at Stetson where I could bring my values and integrate my love for public speaking with my thirst for knowledge. Business ethics provided the perfect stage for me to learn from some of the brightest students in the business school and hopefully follow in their footsteps of leading this program to new heights."

Aziza Hodae

“I hope people can remember me as someone who always worked hard for their accomplishments. I want to be known for my hard work and dedication to whatever task I am challenged with, so I joined the business ethics team. It’s an opportunity to prepare for a career in accounting and to apply myself while expanding on my interest in ethics.”

Nathaniel Diamond

“Acting ethically and making good decisions was a significant part of my upbringing. Continuing to follow those maxims through my education and into my future career was what drew me to the Business Ethics Case Competition Team. I’ve actually enjoyed the work I’ve done so much that it has driven me to look into carers in public relations or even lobbying.”

Matthew Sweeney

“Throughout my childhood, my parents always stressed the importance of doing the right thing no matter the situation. I believe that a community that focuses on making the right decisions is one that offers fair, equitable opportunities to everyone in it. I joined the business ethics team because I enjoy discussing business strategy and business ethics. I like to look at different scenarios from many different perspectives to determine the best way to approach a specific task. I have had been able to improve on my presentation and public-speaking skills as a result.”

Brooks Elsbree

"I wanted to join the Business Ethics Case Competition Team because I had seen last year's members practice for the Milgard competition and was so impressed. I joined in hopes of enhancing my public speaking skills and equipping myself with the tools and experiences to better articulate my thoughts and ideas in a professional setting. I am interested in how companies can impact the public view sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts through the proper utilization of social media."

Suzette Watson

"I saw joining the Business Ethics Case Competition team as a chance to develop career skills and meet people with similar interests - both of which I have achieved in the first semester alone."

Jimmy Dean

"I have been looking for a way to apply my communication and presentation skills in a formal competitive setting. I am very excited about the upcoming competition!"

Stewart Schmidt

"What motivates me to be an ethical leader within Stetson University are the role models and teammates that I am surrounded by. I want to carry that legacy that strong student leaders are leaving for those behind them. I’m striving to be that individual who is seen as someone who is always doing the right thing when no one is looking, always respectful and, therefore, is set up for the greatest of success. I am looking forward to my first time competing with the team."

Regis Steighner 

"I've always prided myself in always doing what is right rather than doing what may seem easy. That, combined with my competitive nature, made joining the Business Ethics Case Competition team a natural fit. I have competed in two competitions thus far and am going to be working for a financial firm after graduation."

Mackenzie Nalven

"Business ethics has been one of my favorite classes at Stetson, and I enjoyed applying ethical frameworks to real-life situations. I wanted to join the Stetson Business Ethics Case Competition team once I heard about it because I firmly believe that ethics is, and will continue to be, an integral part of my life and career. Trust is a vital part of business, so it is important to uphold a responsibility to be an ethical leader at Stetson and my eventual workplace." 

Marianna Soper

"What made me want to join the team was my business ethics Professor Dr. Tichenor. I took his class my sophomore year and absolutely loved the topic. Ethics quickly grew into a passion of mine, so I decided to join the ethics team to further my  knowledge of the subject while also learning to to voice my opinions in a professional setting."

Get Involved

No matter your major, no matter your professional aspirations, the Stetson University Business Ethics Case Competition Team welcomes you to experience what our team has to offer. At the end of this semester, we invite students of all majors, freshmen through juniors, to try out for our highly competitive team. If you want to see improvement in your presentation skills, critical thinking abilities and overall business professionalism, we are just what you have been looking for. See you in April!

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