How to support the Foundation

How to Support the Foundation

All donations are directed to the School of Business Administration. This support is above and beyond support provided through the university budget.

100% of contributions are used for the Business School. Foundation operating costs are minimal and are completely covered by a minor draw from existing endowment funds.

The Donation Process

Contact us by email at or call us at 386-822-7422 to discuss your desire to donate to the School of Business Administration and to see if there is a good fit.

New Ideas

Let us know if you have an idea for a student award, a form of student help or a student project.

Gift Types

The Foundation accepts one-time, annual/recurring gifts, and endowed gifts, as befits the donor's situation, desire, and intent. Contributions of less than $1,000 will be used to help fund the Foundation operating budget.

Faculty development grants will enable the School to attract and retain outstanding faculty members.

Annual, recurring gifts and endowed gifts can be named by the donor.

Examples of Annual or Endowed Gifts:

  • Student awards, presented at an annual Honors Program recognizing outstanding achievement
  • Academic scholarships for outstanding students
  • Graduate student scholarships, recognizing outstanding achievement or potential
  • Funds for needy students encountering an unplanned financial crisis. These funds will be recognized by the Foundation while the recipients will be confidential and appreciative.

Examples of Faculty Development Grants:

  • New teaching techniques and technology
  • Travel to academic and professional meeting essential to maintaining faculty currency