Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I select Stetson's program?

The Prince Entrepreneurship Program, housed in the School of Business of Stetson University, offers the student a unique opportunity not only to work with and learn from real entrepreneurs, but also to create, build and manage an actual business venture with other entrepreneurial students. The focus is on real world issues and real world problems affecting both current and future entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves on our small classes (15-30 students) and the fact that our faculty advisors' doors are always open to the students.

How will this program benefit me if I want to be an entrepreneur?

You will gain hands-on experience in handling the many aspects of starting up and managing a business. You will also become a part of a growing network of current entrepreneurs and students who will eventually become entrepreneurs. Our program is designed to support participants long after they graduate.

How will this program benefit me if I don't want to be an entrepreneur?

Every employer wants employees who "think like an owner." To think like an owner is to have a trained eye for customer service, profit, ethics, opportunity and improvement...the very things emphasized in our entrepreneur curriculum.

Do entrepreneurs help guide the program?

Absolutely. In fact the Prince Program curriculum was designed in conjunction with real entrepreneurs who are living with the issues and concerns addressed by our program. We are constantly meeting with our Prince Board of Advisers to ensure the effectiveness of the curriculum.

How does the program fit into the rest of the business school?

Students may minor in Entrepreneurship or take some of the classes as electives.