stetson startup contest participants

Startups x Stetson Contestants

Above is a picture introducing the teams from the weekend. From left to right, Art is One, Accurate Agriculture, Nozon, and H20I.

SxSU Winners

A brief write-up on the teams:

#1 - Accurate Agriculture is a precision farming startup that built a prototype to measure the real-time moisture percantage and pH level in the soil.

#2 Nozon is a sunglasses startup that developed a prototype of glasses without arms, custom-built to fit its owners face without the discomfort of traditional glasses.

#3 H20I developed a water sensor designed to monitor water usage in real times to save money for homeowners and encourage environmental responsibility.

SxSU Honorable Mentions

Art is One aims to develop a portal for the artistic community to share their skills, boost their resume, and get feedback from fellow artists.

Kart Smart Kaddy is a device that holds your electronic device in place while you go grocery shopping so you can stay connected on-the-go.