Testimonials (Continued)

Jennifer Small

Completing the Executive M.B.A. program with a full-time career required dedication, hard work and discipline. If I had to start from the beginning, however, I would do it all over again! The benefits of the program substantially outweighed the sacrifices. The cohort style of the Executive M.B.A. was truly rewarding and worthwhile. In traveling together halfway around the world for our international trip, we became very close-knit, sharing our experiences and developing an invaluable network, both professionally and personally. Stetson University's Executive M.B.A. program is a stand-out for those considering an Executive M.B.A. that is fully accredited and academically rigorous.

Jennifer Small, '10
CEO/President, The Grove Student Counseling Services Inc.

Juliana Trujillo

Stetson's Executive M.B.A. program provided me with the tools and confidence needed to be successful in both my personal and professional life. This program inspires its students to think strategically, be innovative and reach success through collaborative efforts.

Juliana Trujillo, '12
Market Area Manager, Partners Federal Credit Union

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Mayra Santiago

For anyone who is really interested in learning and developing leadership and relevance, this is the program. It will change your life.

Mayra Santiago, '14
Workforce Planning & Leadership Development Manager, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

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Valerie Drebsky

Beginning this program, I was very nervous to jump in and dedicate so much time I knew I didn't have. Once the program started, I was scared. As I went through it, I was busy. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. The personal & professional development I received on top of the unbelievable friendships from this Stetson program made all the hard work worth it.

Valerie Drebsky, '16
Project Manager, Housekeeping and Custodial, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Lindsay Swantek

The Executive M.B.A. program has given me a lot more confidence. The day I got back to work from the Executive M.B.A. international trip, I found out that I had been promoted. I'm more confident at work, at school and in my personal life.

Lindsay Swantek, '13
Communication Specialist, Park Operations Line of Business, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

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Judy Ashbrook

Stetson's Executive M.B.A. program has helped me develop a better understanding of who I am, how to manage my life and how I think about things, which has allowed me to connect with my leaders and partners at work effectively.

Judy Ashbrook, '14
Director, Starwood Vacation Ownership

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Marissa Zerbo-Condello

The Stetson Executive MBA is a transformational experience that is life changing. The program teaches practical business acumen that can be applied immediately to the workplace. It focuses on developing your leadership practice within both your personal and professional life to live fulfilled guided by your core values.

Marissa Zerbo, '16
Forecasting Analyst, Disney Revenue Management