Class Profile

The strength of the Stetson University Executive M.B.A. program is built not only on the quality of the faculty, but also on the quality of the students.

Well-Rounded Students

Despite lives filled with work and family commitments, students also make time for outside activities and volunteer work that add meaning to their lives. Away from the classroom and boardroom, students are accomplished athletes, talented musicians and artists, community leaders and dedicated volunteers to a variety of causes.


Students bring an average of 14 years of professional experience to the program. Advancement and innovation distinguish their career histories. The weekend format of the program and team-oriented curriculum binds these successful leaders in a close-knit, high-level learning community.


Students bring a broad range of industry knowledge to the program, which serves not only executives from industry leaders but also entrepreneurs, public sector employees, physicians and small businesses owners. The diversity of organizations represented and the experience of participants combine to create an unparalleled educational environment.

Gender profile

Manager profile

An average Executive M.B.A. student at Stetson University is:

  • 37 years old.
  • Has at least 11 years of professional work experience.
  • Has 7 years of management experience.