group photo of students on hill overlooking Istanbul

International Trip

A Unique Opportunity

As part of its curriculum, the Stetson University Executive M.B.A. program offers an international trip. Given the global nature of today's business environment, it is felt that our students need to be exposed to the differences in international business practices and environments in real time as opposed to in a classroom setting. The trip is scheduled after the cohort has completed their fundamental course work so that they may appreciate the differences in applications across the diverse business disciplines.

Selection criteria for the trip's destination include the size and diversity of the industry within that city as well as the overall economic climate of the country. The specific trip calls for the cohort to meet with executives from a variety of pre-determined companies. Companies are chosen to provide the cohort with the opportunity to observe different industries as well as companies that are both local and multinational. The cohort meets senior executives of these companies to encourage a true exchange of ideas and gain a greater understanding of doing business internationally.

2016 International Trip

Cohort 13 went to Thailand from June 17 to June 26, 2016. Besides their International Consulting Project, these students participated in many cultural activities and business visits in Bangkok. The students were particularly enthused about the local culture and diversity. 

2015 International Trip

In June/July 2015, Cohort 12 went on a trip to Thailand. These students experienced everything from fish spas to learning about the history of the constitutional monarch. Even though the students were there for further professional development, they had plenty of time for exciting activities.

2014 International Trip

In June 2014, Cohort 11 traveled to Taipei, Taiwan and Bangkok, Thailand. Being immersed in global business practices and consulting activities with leading corporations aligned perfectly with the leadership development and business acumen skills the students are acquiring in their advanced coursework.

2013 International Trip

In June/July 2013, Cohort 10 traveled to Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. These diverse cities provided our students with an engaging professional and cultural experience, along with a rapidly expanding 21st Century city. The students met and consulted with top executives from local and multinational firms.

To see all the exciting people and places we met during the trip, check out our blog!

2012 International Trip

In June/July 2012, Cohort 9 traveled to Istanbul, Turkey and Budapest, Hungary. Students had time to visit many unique places such as the Budapest Safari Park where they spent time with disadvantaged children from the surrounding area. These students also had the opportunity to observe native animals during this day trip.

2011 International Trip

In June/July 2011, Cohort 8 traveled to South Africa. These students put their business acumen to the test while working with companies like Vodacom. However, this experience was not all work. Students had the chance to learn about South African culture and history. One of the most memorable excursions was the Apartheid Museum. This is where students learned about the division and unification of the country.

To see all the exciting people and places we met during the trip, check out our blog!

2010 International Trip

In June 2010, Cohort 7 embarked on a journey to Hong Kong and Vietnam. These Stetson EMBA students experienced a change in perspective after going from luxury conference rooms with industry leaders to bartering with street vendors throughout the cities.

To see all the exciting people and places we met during the trip, check out our blog!

2009 International Trip

Cohort 6 departed for a long journey to Dubai from July 4-12 for the opportunity of a lifetime. This group of EMBA students applied in class knowledge to existing financial institutions and industries while also gaining insight into different cultures and religions during their time in Dubai.

To see all the exciting people and places we met during the trip, check out our blog!