Campus Connections

The Health Professions Newsletter serves as an important channel of communication between the Health Professions Advisory Committee and you.  There will be 3 newsletters per semester that will highlight upcoming events and focus on a particular career in the health professions to broaden your perspective on medically-related career opportunities.  Since this newsletter is the first for this academic year, it will introduce some existing opportunities and activities on campus and outline generally what students in each year should be doing.

1. Pre-Health Student Groups

Stetson has four pre-health related student groups.  This year these groups plan to have a common meeting time for general business on Fridays at noon in 257 Sage Hall.  Meetings with guests from off-campus and other activities will be announced via email, posting signs, and on our website.  The student groups are:

  • American Medical Student Association (AMSA): members discuss health professions with local practitioners and meet admissions personnel from health professional schools.
  • MedEx: focuses on providing its members with medical experience. For example, they have visited children at Arnold Palmer Hospital, volunteered at Camp Boggy Creek, and raised money for medical charities.
  • the American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (APVMA): sponsors activities for pre-vet students. 
  • Global Medical Brigades mobilizes students to bring healthcare to rural areas of Panama over spring break. If you are interested contact Mollie Kaelin.

 2. Health Professions Resource Library

Dr. King has some materials on professional careers, schools, and admissions tests in his office (138 Sage Hall).

3. Homepage

Our homepage contains most of the information that you need to know about being a pre-health student. This includes information on careers in the health professions, how to apply to professional schools and upcoming events on campus.

4. Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC)

HPAC is here to advise you and assist in your gaining admittance to professional school. Dr. M. King is the HPAC chair. Please feel free to contact him in person or by email with questions or concerns.

5. Your Focus

Each year: Excellent grades and medically-related experience.

Freshmen: Concentrate on getting off to a good start in your courses, gain exposure to the medical field.

Sophomores: Continue excellence in the classroom and exposure to the medical field. Consider Stetson's pre-clinical internship course that is offered over the summer.

Juniors: Prepare for the admissions test (taken spring or summer), sign up to be interviewed by HPAC (Dec.), be interviewed by the committee (Spring), and begin application process (May).

Seniors: Complete application process, prepare for interviews.


CONGRATULATIONS! At least 19 Stetson alum were admitted to start health professional school this Fall!

Medical School (MD):

  • Kyle Burton--Ross Univ.
  • Parker Chapman--UF
  • Eric Hall--Vanderbilt Univ.
  • Caleb Matthews--UF
  • Nicole Nagrani--St. George's
  • Ellie Pernicone--Technicon
  • Daphne Pineda--St. George's
  • Rachel Snider--St. George's

 Medical School (DO):

  • Bill Brady--Campbell Univ.
  • Rosa Joseph--AT Still Univ.
  • Liam McInerney--Victoria Univ.


  • Tyler Edge--Palmer College
  • Chelsea Whalley--National U.


  • Melissa Palmer--UF


  • Samantha  Roughton--UF

 Physician Assistant:

  • Tiffany Walker--UF

 Physical Therapy:

  • Meghna Chadda--UF

 Veterinary Medicine:

  • Sarah Capria--Ross Univ.
  • Kelly Pyle --Ross Univ.