Overview of the Minor in Health Care Issues

The Health Care Issues minor is designed for students in any major who are interested in careers in the health care industry. The minor consists of interdisciplinary coursework in anthropology, ethics, political science, psychology, sociology and integrative health sciences. The minor introduces students to the changing American health care system (PE 315), sociological issues with regard to health, illness and the medical institution (SY 375), ethical issues in medicine (RE 453), and much more. Specifically, students are required to complete five interdisciplinary courses for a total of 15 credit hours. The program is flexible enough to be shaped to a student's particular health care interests, yet requires an interdisciplinary selection of courses to provide the well-rounded framework necessary for working in a health care setting.

Interdisciplinary Courses

Students must choose 5 of these courses (15 credit hours). Students can take no more than two courses in one department and no more than two lower-division courses (numbered in the 100 or 200's).

  • AY 378 Medical Anthropology
  • IH 200 Intro to Nutrition Science
  • IH 219 Health and Wellness
  • IH 441 Medical Terminology
  • IH 442E Ethical Issues in Healthcare
  • PE 314 Public Administration
  • PE 315 American Health Care Policy
  • PSY 312 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 313 Child Psychology
  • PSY 345 Health Psychology
  • PSY 382 Biological Psychology
  • PSY 416 Clinical and Counseling Psychology
  • PY 106 Ethical Decision Making
  • PY 350 Ethics
  • REL 453 Frontiers in Medical Ethics
  • SY 280 Sociology of Addictions
  • SY 345 Aging and Society
  • SY 375 Sociology of Health and Illness
  • SY 377 Gender/Women's Health Issues

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