"Doctors of optometry are independent primary health care providers who examine, diagnose, treat and manage diseases and disorders of the visual system, the eye and associated structures as well as diagnose related systemic conditions." (American Optometric Association)

Optometrists can specialize in contact lenses, vision therapy, sports vision, ocular disease, geriatrics, pediatrics, low vision (working with visually impaired patients), occupational vision, education and research.


Admission Requirements

  • The program at Nova Southeastern University requires at least a 2.8 undergraduate GPA, but the average for matriculants is higher.
  • The OAT is required and the average score for matriculants to NSU is about 1000
  • The required courses for the Nova Southeastern University program are:
    • Calculus - 1 semester
    • Physics with lab - 2 semesters
    • General Biology with lab - 2 semesters
    • General or inorganic chemistry with lab - 2 semesters
    • Organic chemistry with lab - semester
    • Microbiology – 1 semester
    • Biochemistry - 1 semester
    • Anatomy and Physiology – 1 semester
    • English - 2 semesters
    • Social/Behavioral Science/Humanities – 5 courses
    • Also recommended are courses in Statistics, Computer Literacy, and Psychology
  • Letters of Evaluation
  • An application submitted via the Optometry Centralized Application Service


  • The OPTOMCAS application becomes available in July each year
  • Most schools also require a supplemental application
  • The OAT must be completed before the application is considered
  • Interviews generally take place in the spring after the application is complete