The Stetson University Philosophy Club


The Philosophy Club is a monthly meeting of the minds involving faculty, philosophy majors and minors, and students interested in pursuing advanced studies in philosophy. A student convener sets the agenda and distributes texts for discussion. There are usually six meetings a year with a new president elected annually; the president offers guidance to conveners in their selection of discussion topics. Meetings allow students and professors to continue their philosophical dialogue outside of class in a congenial atmosphere. The Stetson University Philosophy Club is officially recognized by the Student Government Association.

If you are interested in joining the Philosophy Club, please contact our current 2017-2018 president, Ruel Mannette or e-mail Divina Bungard, the Philosophy Department Secretary, and will put you on the mailing list for upcoming Philosophy Club meetings and announcements.

Philosophy Club

The past year has been a thoroughly productive one for the storied Stetson University Philosophy Club, by way of our dedicated faculty, the generous funding provided by SAFAC and our department, teamed with the stellar academics who made their way to Stetson University to share their academic acumen with the undergraduate population.

In the month of February, the internationally known Dr. Neil Sinhababu commenced philosophy club’s formal meetings with a talk entitled "Credence in Psychological Explanation." Dr. Sinhababu's talk was titillating to undergraduates and faculty alike, weaving together mathematical probability and belief formation; the subsequent conversation proved vigorous and enlightening. This particular meeting set the stage excellently for the semester to come and was a serious demonstration of the core principles of Philosophy Club.

In March, the Philosophy Club welcomed Dr. Mason Cash from the neighboring University of Central Florida to speak on appropriate ascriptions of responsibility. Dr. Cash's high energy presentation and engaging style drew numerous students who normally remain silent into Socratic dialogue. Students remained in the lecture hall discussing the material that had been presented well after the presentation was over, and into the evening.

In April, the club received a special treat as Dr. John Biro from the University of Florida spoke generally on Ludwig Wittgenstein. While a visit from Dr. Biro is noteworthy in its own right, this occasion was particularly special as his talk related to the material being covered in the Philosophy Department's faculty seminar. Dr. Biro engaged deftly with the students who had spent a semester with the works of Wittgenstein, opening new ways of understanding language and the way it is ordinarily employed.

A fantastic year was cap-stoned in May with a poster session, featuring the work done by the research in philosophy class, where students briefly presented on the mini-theses they had written during the semester to prepare for senior research. The work done by these individuals was undoubtedly praiseworthy, and the Philosophy Department looks eagerly towards the completion of future senior projects and the excellent contribution they will provide this field in years to come.

Finally, like the United States, Philosophy Club has inaugurated a new President. We welcome with warm arms Ruel Mannett as he takes the reigns and works to lead the club well in the coming year. Ruel is a philosophy major with a penchant for equestrian sports, languages and consistently sterling insight; he is ideally equipped for his station.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to the individuals and organizations that make Philosophy Club possible, to Stetson University for continuing to foster the environment in which we work and the young philosophers who contribute their time and talents to our discipline. Theologian Charles Spurgeon wrote that "A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." My parting charge for the club's future is that we might bolster truth and impede lies, working to be pragmatic, useful philo sophias: lovers of wisdom.

 Written by Joseph Beery, Philosophy Club Co-President 2016-2017