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The Honors Business Experience


We want students who want to remake the world.

The Stetson University Honors Program is looking for engaged and intellectual students who want to do more than simply make money. That part is easy.

The Honors Business Experience is a time and place for making things: plans, connections, models, projects, ideas, and friends. The Honors Business Experience is a time and place for experimentation, where we are willing to start from scratch; we will upend "business as usual" and re-imagine the market as a driver of equality, justice, and happiness.

The Honors Business Experience admits a cohort of sixteen distinguished and enthusiastic students to work with an elite group of innovative faculty in classes purposefully designed around the most recent science for teaching and learning.

Students participating in the Honors Program and the Honors Business Experience can choose a traditional program of study, but many students will choose to double major and/or participate in creating custom and innovative new majors, an option afforded them through their involvement in the honors program.

Application and Admissions

Admission to the Honors Business Experience is limited to a small number of exceptional students chosen on a competitive basis. Admission decisions are made by the Directors of the University Honors Program in consultation with the Honors Liaison in the School of Business. Students apply to University Honors and, if selected, enter the program as first-year students. Admission to this highly selective program is based on the student's SAT Reasoning Test or ACT scores, high school class rank, preparatory courses, extracurricular activities, evidence of leadership ability, other objective criteria, and the application essay.

What We Do

Honors courses are smaller, operate at a faster pace, and engage students in flipped classroom pedagogies like group experiences, case students, collaborations with community members, and open-ended problem-solving. The program is designed for maximal flexibility so that curious students can fully explore their interests.

  • Small classes that enhance learning
  • Increased interaction with faculty
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Case Competitions
  • Participation in the distinguished Roland George Investments Program
  • Summer internship opportunities with top-rated business companies
  • Comprehensive Capstone Experience
  • Personalized advising

The Honors Business Experience, working in conjunction with the University Honors Program, offers individualized attention from its advisors and personal mentors. We guide you through special events including an orientation, social activities, and community service opportunities. You will develop intellectually, professionally, and personally to lead lives of significance.


Dr. Matthew Hurst (Finance)
Honors Liaison in the School of Business
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 386-822-7428