Applying to the Program

Eligibility for the Honors Program

The Honors program currently accepts applications from entering first-year students during the spring of their senior year in high school. If you are a transfer student and interested in Honors please reach out to Kaitlin Healy, Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions, at (386) 822-7100, or [email protected]

Most participants are invited to apply on the basis of their overall academic credentials. However, because strong candidates do occasionally slip past the selection process, any student is eligible to apply for the program.

While every application is considered on its overall merit, most candidates will present SAT scores of 1410 or better, with a minimum of 600 on each side; a solid academic curriculum for all four years of secondary school; plus a class rank in the top quintile. The admissions committee pays particularly close attention to the writing sample.

To apply for this program, you must first apply to Stetson University via our Early Decision (November 1), Early Action I (November 1) or Early Action II (January 15) decision plan. The deadline to submit this program application is January 15.

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J. Ollie Edmunds Scholarship

Applicants to the J. Ollie. Edmunds scholarship are automatically considered for the Honors Program and finalists are automatically accepted in to the Honors Program.